White wall tires for 21" rim

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by DannyDeluxe, May 12, 2016.

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    I'm looking at getting new rims for my FLSTN and just looking for some opinions. The max size that fits fender for front 21x3.5. I definitely want a 21" but not sure if it's easier to find white wall tires if it's only 3" wide. Now in the rear the max is 18x4.25. I like how 18" looks in rear. Is there a big difference between how an 18" rides compared to stock 16". Basically want to hear people's opinions on what rims they like to run and tires(www). Thank you.
    21x3.5 or 21x3
    18x4.25 or 18x3.5
    Or stick with a 16x3.5 rear
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    Clearance, clearance, clearance.
    Do you want a bike that you can ride or do you just want to enter bike shows????????
    Look at tire dealers and that should answer your question regarding white wall. More and likely you are going to find a white stripe on a narrow tire.
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    Take a look here.
    They have a pretty good selection and quick shipping.
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