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  1. T

    Commander 2 tires on a 05 RK police

    Has anybody had gripping problems with Mich, Commander 2 tires in damp/wet weather ?? Seems they loose grip in rainny weather .
  2. DannyDeluxe

    Need help picking right rear tire for 2011 FLSTN....

    My stock rear tire is Dunlop MU85B 16 77H.....I have an Avon Av71 on the front and I want my rear to match. So I want to use Avon Av72 on the rear. They come in 140/90 16B 77H or 150/80 16B 77V or MT90B16 74H...Can some tell me what my best option is out of these 3 choices. Greatly...
  3. DannyDeluxe

    White wall tires for 21" rim

    I'm looking at getting new rims for my FLSTN and just looking for some opinions. The max size that fits fender for front 21x3.5. I definitely want a 21" but not sure if it's easier to find white wall tires if it's only 3" wide. Now in the rear the max is 18x4.25. I like how 18" looks in rear...