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    Have 2004 softail,fxst Iam 6.4 wiuth a bad back,looking for a seat with support both kind solo and two up.

    Need to reword it what make and what type of seat do I need for comfort
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    i'm not sure about an exact seat type you are going to have to sit on some but i would highly suggest any seat with gel packs in it.. i have an ultra low prophile solo seat with gel and it is as comfy at the factory seat with 1/10th the padding thickness
  3. Big Rol

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    I'm in the same boat as you CD The factory seat is better than I thought but I would like more comfort (back) I don't need lower profile, any other tall heavyset riders got suggestions
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    Don't know if my experience will help ya, but I ride an '05 Electra Glide Classic. I'm 6'2" medium build. Had the stock seat about a year and could only ride about 30 miles max before I had to get off and give my bottom a rest. I purchased a Mustang touring seat (don't recall the exact one) and it made a world of difference in comfort and miles I could go before needing a break. Took a few months to get used to it and break it in, but I really like the seat now. It's better made than the stock and was worth the upgrade.
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    I bought the HD seat for my heritage with the back rest..pricey.the only draw back is that you sit lower and seat sits nice ,but you being tall this might be more of a problem for you..i'm 6' and i noticed it for me
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    I am a big fan of corbin's seats. They use there own type of foam. I like a seat that is not real soft, and prefere the harder corbin seat. They take about two thousand miles to brake in, but to me they are the best I have used in 30 years.

  7. I have an 08 FLSTC and just purchased a Mustang two up seat. I had read a bunch about the Mustang and about replacing my stock seat. I even posted in this forum as to wether it would be better to re-working my stock seat or replace it with a new seat. Being slightly of the hard headed nature I disregarded all good advise and bought the new Mustang seat without having a clue how one felt on a bike like mine. I will pass on to you Dave what I should have done. Go sit on some other seats before making your decesion. I am not saying that I am not happy with my Mustang seat. I just wasn't wowed like I thought I would be. It sits me about 2 inches higher and about an inch forward from the factory seat. All this feels different to my backside. I believe in time and with some change of muscle memory I will be more than pleased with my purchase. All I am saying is I would have been more receptive if I had some idea of what I was getting. Lets face it, seats after all are like someones boxer shorts...fit, feel, and comfort are a matter of opinion and are personal to each individuals taste. Good luck
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    well put, SOFTAIL BIKER DUDE
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    Sundowner Deep bucket seat from HD. Great seat for back support without having to add other things. These were the pros. Cons: you are going to be seated 1-2 inches forward (sometimes it seems my feet arrive before my front wheel, I need extra advanced controls!); 2-up seat. But it supports your back more than you expect.
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    I have to give a plus one to Corbin. I have not put one on my Heritage yet, but I plan to next year. I did put them on my sport bikes back when I rode those, and it was a night and day difference. They make a killer product, and they stand behind them from my experience.

    The other nice thing is they have different styles of backrests that fit both the front and pillion seats. So you can pick one that looks right, and is wide enough to give you the support you need.

    Good luck finding one that works for you.