Which motorcycle lift?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by reloader51, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Hi All, New to the Forums and new to the Harley World. Been riding a Gold Wing for the last 25 years and just bought a 2009 Super Glide Custom a couple weeks ago and love it. Been doing a lot of research on the lifts for the Dyna. I think I'm down to the regular Harley made lift or the J&S lift. Could I get some input from you guys and gals that may have one of these or have experience with them? Thanks!
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    welcome to the forum i like you used to be a goldwing fan untill last fall and i am now and forever a hd person just love them.As for the lift they are both good from what i have heard
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    I swear by my J&S jack. I bought the jack, oil drain pan and t-handle that they offer. It seemed pricey at first, but I use the jack in my garage after every ride to turn my bike around 180*. It saves a lot of hassle. The stability under my Road King allows me to work with confidence.

    After a couple of oil changes and engine modifications, it has more than paid for itself (saving me some dealer costs).

    The customer service at J&S is first rate. I did have to replace the bottle jack due to a leak and a new one was sent out promptly with no problems.

    With the lifetime warranty on the frame, this will be the last bike lift you will have to buy.

    Just my experience.
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    I agree with tunacan about the J&N lift. It's one of the top end lifts available and will last a life time.
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    It's definately in your best interest to get a quality lift. I purchased the Harbor Freight one which gets the job done but I wish I would have spent the extra money on the J&S lift. From what I've heard and seen it is much more durable and higher quality than my lift. Sometimes you get what you pay for. I'm secretly hoping my Harbor Freight lift will break so I can get a new one (as long as it doesn't break with my bike on it!!)
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    Definitely go with the J & S Lift. I got one for my '08 Superglide and have never regretted it. Most other lifts require adapters for dynas, but not the J & S. Well worth the money.
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    J&S customer support is second to none. The lifts are great too. I have a wheel chock by J&S and it is built like a tank (sorry Tank) I can throw it down on the driveway, pull my Road King in it and get off. Bike stays straight up, great for cleaning, oil changes etc.

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    I can not address any jacks other than the J&S from the two brothers up in Wisconsin, (I think) because theirs is the only one I have ever owned. I bought mine three years ago. I lift the bike when it comes home at night and lower it when I leave in the morning. I lift the bike and spin it around in the garage, so you can see this jack gets a workout, to say the least. Over the 36 months I have owned the jack it works out to about 2190 times it has been up and down with a touring bike on it's platform. Not once has it not performed flawlessly.
    That is all I can add to the story.
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    I purchased a J&S about 4 months ago and I love it.
    You can not believe how many things are easier to do when the bike
    is held up right. It's very easy to use and very stable. I am going to
    store my bike on it this winter. I don't think you can go wrong
    buying a lift from J&S, their jack was made for dyna's.
    I also believe the harley model is a hand crank and needs a adaptor for dyna's