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which handlebars would you pick?


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Want to change out the handlebars on my 07 Roadking. I'm 5'7' and have a mustang seat which put me closer but still find myself stretching just a wee bit. Friends have told me the softtail heritage classic bars are perfect let you sit a little straighter. Kuryakin sells a Burly bar that claims 2" more pullback than stock. That sounds good also. Anyone have any experience either way?
I'm 6ft.1in. and had to replace my stock roadking bars because of reaching out to far, I went with buckhorns because I use them on all of my bikes over the years I just love the way they come back to you and the downcurve of the grips puts my hands in the right position.
Here's a pick of the pullback and set of buckhorns on my softtail. I really liked them.

The wife is your height. Has Heritage bars on her RK. Wishes they were a little closer. Maybe an inch or two.
You know, the most misunderstood and used terminology when talking about handlebars is the term "Pullback". The true meaning is the amount of angle of the handgrips, measured from the bar plane to the end of the grip. In other words zero pullback would be that the grip ends would face directly left and right like a straight piece of pipe and the more inches measured of pullback the more the bar ends would face rearward like griping a wheelbarrow. True, there comes a point here if the "grips" piece were long enough eventually the rear facing ends would come closer to you with a lot of pullback. But, personally I know that for me the moire actual pullback that puts my hands farther from zero the worse it gets for comfort on extended trips. The most comfortable position for extended touring for me is with approximately 5 1/2 to 7 inches of pull back which puts the grip ends almost left and right with a height of 9 1/2 to 10 1/2 inches rotated slightly rearward in triple trees bringing them slightly closer to me. Although I do not have Harley heritage bars the after market ones I do have measure within fractions of the heritage measurments. They are about as comfortable as I've found so far for on a HD touring frame for long distance cruising and certainly more comfortable on the wrists, shoulders, arms, and neck than the lower stock style with a lot more pullback. For shorter people having a seat putting you farther up to front is a plus.

Everyone is different but to find the perfect feel for me you can do so by closing you eyes imagining your arms stretched in front of you and with wrists to elbows almost flat with a slight downward taper to elbows, the wrists relaxed and almost flat and straight and certainly not with pinky finger side twisting the wrists like gripping a wheelbarrow. In reality the wrists are very slightly angled rearward and slightly angled downward. Too high makes the arms tired for those really long runs like holding your hands over your head for a long time...try it. Too low and the shoulders and neck suffer more. Finding the right comfort position for me has taken years and years of long distance riding. What might feel comfortable for me up to 400 miles would leave me aching in 700 or 800. And like most things, the body's muscles will get stronger and adjust over time so that it's hard at first to evaluate what is truly your most comfortable position for you....but it will probably not be close to the original stock low, reaching bars on the Road King with too much pullback angle for those very long days in the saddle. Sorry for the long post. BTW, I'm 5'7"
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Thanks for your input! I sat on a police RK with heritage bars last week and they felt good. Let me relax my arms a bit. Just came back from Leesburg bike fest with my stock bars and actually they felt better. Maybe I've gotten used to them. Still want to try the Kuryakin burly bars as I like the idea of hiding the wiring.
I fitted a pair of 1 1/4" chubby bars with the wiring internall on my Road King Classic, and they are a lot more comfortable.

Go to a HD dealer who has the handle bar setup display....not all do..I am 5'9' and the stock bars with my Road King was to far apart when I would make a sharp left...I actually almost lost my grip and then I accelerated. Scared the crap out of I went in search of new bars...and my dealer did not have the set up where you can try several bars..a friend told me 'bout a Dealer about 150 miles from us that did have so (Road Trip)..anyway I tryed the Heritage bars and was a bit uncomfortable for me coz the angle of my wrist...then I tryed the 9" mini apes..Dang they are so freakin comfortable I could not believe it....and they also are a 1 1/4 bar so all my wires went inside...Any way sorry for the long post..go to a dealer that you can have all the bars you want to check...Good Luck..if you could find anyone in your area with the mini apes ..see if they will let you set on their bike. Promise you'll love em.
I really like my buckhorn handlebars. My friends don't like the way they look but they are comfortable, and it's my bike right?:bigsmiley11:
just put a fat 1 1/4 inch HD beech bar on my 07 road king custom and I swear buy them, they are very comfortable and they look good too, I`ll try and upload a picture later.