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which exhaust to get???


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Hi everyone. I just joined and thought I would ask a question right away.

I am getting a 2007 Ultra Classic when I return to the States from Afghanistan hopefully this June. I am looking at doing a Stage 1 upgrade right off the bat. I am looking at true duals, 2-into-1, or slip-ons. Which is the best to use? I do not want to loose HP and I heard that true duals will do that. What brand would you reccommend? Rienhart, Sampson, Bassani, ...

Also... what do you know about the different fuel modules like HD race tuner, vance & hines race pak, power commander?


Yo...on the subject i would like the same for my new Nightster. I have done some looking around but there is so much disinformation on the subject. I like the looks of my pipes but want more throaty sound and performance w/o spending a fortune. IDEAS??:confused:
I gotta say,, one time....I looked at all the options. For the most part I didnt want to shell out the $1200 bucks for full pipes, I went with the SE slip ons. I rode with those for about 3 months,...and the sound just wasn;t there. Not throaty enough.
Unfortunately, baffles were welded in. This proved to really not be a proble though. I took a dremmel tool and cut the 3 small tack welds that held the baffle in. Then I took a pipe? broomhandle? and knocked the baffle out the other end. Now they are like " straight-slip-ons" ,....and I can always push the baffles back in when I gotta get it inspected.
I did already have the stage 1 done,...and I think thats a prerequisit. otherwise you'll get "popcorn" on decelleration.
Anyways for about $400,...the price of the SE slip ons,...I got some good sound,..and a few options for if I want louder or softer,...I can put in 1 baffle,...or both,...or none,...or quickly put stock slip ons back on if I want uber quiet.

Btw,..i liked the look of the factory pipes,....made the bike look balanced. be careflu what you buy,...some pipes will all out on one side,...and f-up the look of the bike.

Rinehart true dual exhaust pipes give you more power when tuned properly with a Harley race tuner. The race tuner is covered under warranty and most dealers can work with them. The other after market tuners are good, but require specific knowledge for each brand. Stage 1 and a new breather element are also required. You will get a 5 - 8 HP boost and much higher torque range with this configuration. It's worth the $$$. And they sound awesome.

I have Vance & Hines Classics slip-ons on my '05 Road Glide. Good sound but not so loud I iritate my neighbors, or anyone else that may have an interest in how loud my bike is. Friends have tried the latest SE pipes and quickly replaced them. At the V & H web site you can listen to how the pipes may sound, I think some others may do that as well.

Have a safe trip and welcome home
Yeah good advice!
I visited the Vance & Hines website before choosing my mufflers. I have an 07 Roadking & opted for the V&H ovals. They have a great sound & now that she's run in I have added the HD race tuner & a Highflow kit.

My only dislike with the V&H mufflers is that the Chrome finish is not quite as good as I had hoped for. there is some slight pitting on the top of the mufflers, luckily it cant be seen due to the bags on the Roadking.

I put Reinhart slip-on's on my 07' Ultra and it sounds great. The dealership said if i went with the True Duals I would loose some performance.
I bought an 07 Ultra the end of May, had the SE race tuner installed, Kuryakan high flow air cleaner and Rush slip-on pipes. Nice sound, but could be a little deeper. I'll be listening to other pipes to see what I'll be upgrading to. Thought about the "fish tails" as the look is nice (going towards the nostalgic look) and the sound online isn't bad, but until I actually hear them...:x
I've been told by a few of the guys we know up at the local dealers garage that the true duals lose some horsepower bc they don't scavenge the gases like the crossover pipes.

a note on the nightster, I have a 1200R and am having Vance and Hines shortshots staggered put on my bike.
Doc is correct that the true duals do loose some bottom end torque from the scavenging aspect but other than that, they will keep things under the seat cooler and look good doing it.

Reinhart slip ons are a very popular pipe but they are not very quiet either. Best bet is to go to a rally or dealer and hear the mufflers before your purchase.
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