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Where did your login name come from ? ? ?


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Ah, a rose by any other name. So how did or what inspired your log in name,, don't be shy, we're all friends!:D Mine came from my wife and mine nickname,, we call each other monkey,,,,,,,,,,, yea I hear you laughing,:khee and the "biker" part seemed a given. :Banane21:
My login name came from WV slang, LOL. I have flown hot air balloons for about 19 years. My husband has been doing it a little over 20 years. I wanted to use 'Joyflying' as my email address, but that was pretty much taken everywhere I tried. I dropped the 'G' off the end & I get it nearly every time I try it, that way I don't have to remember any numbers. :D I started trying to get 'Joyriding', but that was nearly impossible with so many other activities out there to joyride with, so I went to the next best thing for me.
Its my name, its easy, and maybe people will one day realize Cory can be spelled WITHOUT an E.......
For almost 35 years I have flown sailplanes (gliders), what a contrast, ride my HOG with V&H pipes to the gliderport, and fly somthing that is almost 100% silent.......while dancing with the clouds.....
I'm A Lady And We Own A Heitage Softail Classic.
That I Will Probably End Up With Because My Hubby Wants A Black One.
Well not a real mystery here...My wife and I rescue the present ..we have "fourdogs"...and its easy for the old man to