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When do you Ride?

When do you Ride?

  • Work/ Comuting

    Votes: 91 65.5%
  • Evenings/ After Work

    Votes: 106 76.3%
  • Saturdays

    Votes: 123 88.5%
  • Sundays

    Votes: 125 89.9%
  • Special Events

    Votes: 94 67.6%

  • Total voters
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I thought it might be interesting to see when most people Ride.

For Work?



Special Events?

Vote for as many choices as apply to you.

List your favorite here in a reply post.
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I am riding every weekend and on specal event.Other than that time I cant do it because my job activity.

I ride everyday unless it is raining or below 35 degrees, have been known to ride in those situations as well if I get caught out, or if an important run is scheduled. I am blessed to live in TX where we don't have a lot of ice or snow, we just leather up and ride.;)
I live in Honolulu, Hawaii so I ride everyday to work and back. On the weekend my wife and I go to some off the main road places and do some sight seeing. I'm about to join the Honolulu Chapter H.O.G. and they go on rides every Sunday to different parts of the island. It's a great place to ride.
I am Tampa, FL and get to ride year round also. I am not looking forward to going back to Reston, VA because I know I will have to park kmy bike for about 4 months every year lol
I ride every day but sunday 80 miles to and from work and on sundays we usually ride with a group somewhere in southern az.
I ride every chance I get. If it's raining when I leave the house I'll take the car though. I don't mind getting caught in the rain, but don't like starting out that way.
We ride all year here in Texas. I ride 50+ miles to and from work, weekends and any other reason I can think of. Only time I don't ride is if it's below 40 (I know, what a wuss) or if its rainin when I leave......I too don't mind getting caught in the rain coming home but hate getting to work wet. I put just under 5k miles on my pickup last year and right at 20k on my scoots.

Brian, What is SNOW? :D

Speakin' of ridin'......what am I doing here? I got someplace to go.

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