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What is the coolest HD item you have seen?


I have never really been a collector, always just been a bike and clothing person. But I am really thinking of getting some items around my house. But a would like to limit it to a few things, so I would like to find the coolest things. Any help and ideas is appreciated.
You could get some plates to hang on your walls or some coasters. Personally, I prefer the clocks I have about four or five of them in my home, one in each room. I guess it would all depend on what your taste is.
I like the Harley clocks too. Another thing that I have is a case filled with the little model Harley bikes. I have bought a lot of these off of eBay and they're not very expensive, even with the extensive collection that I have in the corner of my dining room LOL
I have a few HD wristwatches and two clocks. I also have an entire shelf in my home lined with Franklin mint HD plates and models. Every special occasion I get something new.
Probably not what you have in mind but we have a friend whose infant son has a black leather Harley jacket. It is the most adorable little thing I have seen in a long time. He is 8 months old and she puts him in the jacket and puts on his little shades and he is just ready to roll.
I would have to agree with you medsed. My two year old son has a leather jacket and he is the most adorable thing with it. I never knew they made them so small. And the jacket is really nice, just like the adult jackets.
I think I am going to get my three year old niece one of the jackets for a gift. It is really cool that they have them so small and she loves to "play" motorcycles with her brothers so i think this would be a really cool gift for her.
I think I am going to get one for my little boy also. They are just adorable, it will just look absolutely great on him. I think it will be a christmas present. He likes to be just like daddy, so he will think its great.
I've seen the jackets as well and love them. Who could resist a little one in a HD jacket?;) We've got a couple clocks at home, which people always seem to comment on or ask about. I just like the overall look. My dad (who is going to be 60) has a collection of the miniature bikes, and he's gotten his share off of ebay as well. He keeps them in the package, looks at them, sighs and then tells my mom that if they ever win the lottery he is getting one of each..lifesize. lol
Besides bikes, Harley make a very cool ceiling fan. I built a 22' X 30' shop for my restored gas pump and gas pump globe collection, the ceiling fan is $500.00 bones but it's going in that room along with the Harley's.