What is it with cagers and their cell phones?

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  1. WildThang

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    I hear of allot of groups (ABATE for example) spend a great deal of time pushing for reform of helmet laws...etc...all worthy causes. However, IMO, maybe we/they, as a group, need to be raising our/their collective voices for outlawing cellphone use while driving. Sit at an intersection and watch how many drivers blow by you yacking on their phone...oblivious to what is going on around them. IMO, they are a loaded gun waiting to go off on us. It is scary.
  2. DDogg

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    One more reason I went to louder pipes. Anything I can do to draw their attention. So far I can tell it works. People now turn their heads to see what's vibrating their windows. LOL. The only thing we as riders can do it is pay attention to them. Always know your surrounding. Always have a move planned in case the cage does something stupid. It's up to us to watch out for ourselves. In traffic, I ride as if they are all on cell phones.
  3. scrinch

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    That is also one of my pet peeves to put it mildly.

    Guy almost took me out last year as he was pulling unto the main street from a side street while talking on a cell. He had his cell in his hand so he couldn't steer with both hands and came way over into my lane as I was cruising along at 55mph coming toward him. I ended up swerving into the ditch to narrowly avoid him...

    I really think they should be outlawed while driving. Way too many electronic driving distractions in cages already IMHO.
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    Cell phones (handys here).sorry mobiles,are illegal to use whilst driving,and even,I have been told you arent allowed to even to use the phone with the motor running while youre parked up on the road.All that said,and 6000 to date being booked since the ban(this is england,they ban everything here even tho bans dont work )in Devon alone,I rarely see a day go by when I dont see at least 3 or 4,and one time even a cop in his cruiser on the darn thing!!!
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    The worst part of it is this. They have the technology....within the phone....to make it unusable if it is in motion.
    They will not use the technology.
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    They outlawed cell phone use while driving here in Ontario,but I am sure that if I watch on my way to work this morning at least 1 in 3 drivers will be using their phones.That said I carry mine for business and I am as guilty as anyone,if it rings while I am driving I answer it.:bigsmiley31:
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    It is against the law here in NY, what isn't thou. But I still see people on their cell phones. Oh but wait we have a loud bike or my helmet isn't up to standards we get it. Laws are (EDIT) backwards anyhow.

    Please read this...
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    I think the best way to get the atention of one on a cell phone is the same as when a person is driving a car with a neck brace on. Pull up next to them and with a very loud horn let it rip and pretend the horn is stuck on and you can't do anthing about it
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    Wife drives a bus (Touring Coach) if any of the passengers have there Mobile phone switched on it interferes with the bus electronics
    this is a brand new neoplan been on the road 2 weeks now

  10. Bud White

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    the people texting scare me even in the company van they scare me they are 20 times worse than people on phone