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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by chuck60, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. chuck60

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    Can you warm up the oil enough at idle, to wear it is warm enough to change. it's raining very hard out.
  2. PaPa T

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    I have done it before. I used a box fan and placed in front of bike. They are air cooled.

    PaPa T
  3. HDDon

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    Some others may have different takes on this but I see no reason that warming the oil up by idleing will not be alright. You are trying to get all the debris back into the suspension by warming the oil and running the oil pump. I have an oil cooler and would run the bike untill the thermostat opened at about 180*. Be sure your area is well ventalated. The only drawback I see is you won't get to ride the bike.
  4. brownfoxx1

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    just feel the rocker box on the rear cylinder with your right hand. if its warm
    you are good to go. ie (the internal parts of the engine have expanded enough and thorough lubrication is done.)
    i have a externat oil temp gage mounted in-line from the jegs universal oil cooler mounted in the lt. crashbar ares (6x9") and one day i was putting on my jacket etc. as the '09 t/g was warming up and i waited too long and the oil temp went to 250* so i quickly drove off and the temp went down to
    200* at about the 2 mi. mark. so just don't wait too long. and after you start down the road don't hot-rod it till the trans get up to temp.
  5. ironmark

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    Sure you can, if you let the engine idle for around 5 minutes your oil temps should be over 100 degrees. The question is why warm up your bike at all, if you think about it the oil has already drained into the bikes oil pan for quite awhile so all the oil that could possibly drain from the top end of the engine is already in the oil pan. The oil may drain out slower but you have plenty of time to let it drip into the catch pan, starting the engine will just pump the oil back into the top end and then you have to wait for the top end to drain out again.
  6. PaPa T

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    It was always my belief that you were to warm it up to get all of the crude flowing to get it out. Makes sense what you say about it already being all drained into the lower pan.
  7. brownfoxx1

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    just info. in the summer i use a box fan where i normally park the bike on the rt. side. after 10 min on hi. everything is cool to the touch. great idea if you can do this.
  8. dbmg

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    My thought is if just letting idle which is not recommended to do it the first place let alone say 5 minutes to achieve proper temp, what negative effects are created from doing that. My self I agree with Ironmark, for in 25 years I have never warmed or even rode bike for a oil change, for I agree it is all in the pan and running stirs debris through engine....
  9. Breeze3at

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    What debris? The oil filter catches everything down to 5 microns when it's running. IF there are chemicals and acids that separate, they'll still flush out. I've never really bought into the "hot oil" change thing, although I usually do it because it flows out marginally faster. Also, remove the oil fill cap so it gets air and flows smoother. Your opinion may vary. :)
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  10. gusotto

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    You might get the engine oil warmed up but don't count on changing the tranny or primary oil because you haven't gone anywhere to get those fluids in motion.