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With a Harley Cruiser (or any make/model with this setup), which do you believe INCREASES your DAYTI

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  1. Ride with you high beams on.

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  2. No high beams. Just ride with your big light and 2 spots on.

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  3. doesnt matter drive as defensively as you can

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  1. BuzzCap7

    BuzzCap7 Member

    With a Harley Cruiser (or any make/model with this setup), which do you believe INCREASES your DAYTIME visibility?

    A) Ride with your highbeams on or
    B) Big light in themiddle AND both spots on?

    A or B?

    Thank you,

  2. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    Over the years of riding especially in this day and age of all the multi tasking going on while people are driving I have become more defensive than ever. The reason being in my opinion, with all the lights and fluorescent apparel cagers will look right at you and still invade your space. There was a time when drivers were aware of driving when behind the wheel but not so much today...

    BuzzCap7 Your signature line says it all......
  3. HDDon

    HDDon Experienced Member Contributor Retired Moderators

    In my opinion riding a motorcycle has always been about defensive riding. Don't get me wrong I love to ride and ride for the pure pleasure and freedon I get while riding. Today with all the things that occupy people while on the road if you don't ride with a defensive attitude you will end up a statistic. Ride safe
  4. harley@16

    harley@16 Junior Member

    I believe high beams increase your visability some but I don't think it matters much in the grand scheme of thhings and don't use them that way. My mindset is that no one sees me and I have to make the adjustment for that.
    I also wired my spots to be on even when the high beam is on.
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  5. horizonchaser

    horizonchaser Senior Member Contributor

    I have all three lights on my Ultra when I ride. Big headlight & spotlights. Like others have said, and I totally agree, that isn't enough! You have got to be defensive at all times. Even if you are a tad proactive by doing some small thing that gets you noticed. A friend of mine at work said to me that one good thing about riding at night, they definitely see your headlight. The common refrain from cagers is " I never saw him" Take away that excuse!!
  6. Dr. Dolittle

    Dr. Dolittle Experienced Member Contributor Retired Moderators

    It's been scientifically proven that B is the correct answer. I can't recall the exact study I read but I think it was done by the railroads to try to reduce accidents at RR crossings. They found that a geometric PATTERN of lights (like a triangular configuration or even in a row) caught a driver's eye better than a single light, no matter its height or brightness.

    This has been a target of bike mods for me in the last year - visibility enhancement through added lights. I love the looks of a Street Glide but I finally faced the fact that from a safety standpoint (lights) it trailed the other members of the Touring family. I wanted to add some lights but I didn't want to make it look too much like an EG with the round spots so here's what I did:

    1. Added Kuryakyn Driving Lights - Driving Lights | Küryakyn

    really nice looking and unique - I can honestly say that I've only seen one other bike with these in the last year!

    2. Switched to a BAL tail light - very bright LED style with selectable flash patterns

    3. Added the HD Saddlebag Lid Spoiler Kit with integrated LED lights

    Color-Matched Saddlebag Lid Spoiler Kit | Harley-Davidson USA
  7. Billbo

    Billbo Junior Member

    IMO -- I have answered this in the past here --- but, to me its a case of common courtesy. I have always dimmed my lights when a car approaches me in the opposite direction of when I am behind someone. I dont want to flash my lights at anyone (bikers included) when they have Bright lights on me, but I will ... and so I dont want them flashing me either. Why make a cager mad.

  8. bcortani

    bcortani Active Member

    I am sure there are a number of different models, but what will really grab a drivers attention are the flashing headlight set up. Also, I really like the blink blink brake light (what my kid calls it) the one that when you use the brake, flashes the brake light three times before steady on...very noticeable, gonna get it next season I think.
  9. cheap80z28

    cheap80z28 Member

    only been riding for about 8 years so far. I ride with low beam and spots on at all times. Drive and ultra and got the saddle bag side light and changed the front bumper gaurd to the matching lights so I can be seen more from the side. a;so changed all signal and brake lights to the panacea light. My theary has always been the more lights the better to see me with.
  10. stikman

    stikman Active Member

    I have added lights to my bike and I ride mostly in city (well lit area) I use both depending on where I am, either way cagers flash their high beam's at me so they do see me. what worries me more is them seeing me from the back, more lights on the back is a big plus.