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Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibration is killing me

what can i do about the vibration im getting in my gas tank and my bars??tank hums at about 2100 rpm and omg my right hand numbs up 20 mins into a ride . im going to take Hob's advice and go with new risers, 4" pullbacks will this help any with the bars Vib's ? new tank will be here tuesday of next week so when i go to change it id like to fix the tank hummmmm as well . tell me what to do Hobbit lol your always first on the info :cheers and i think ya for all the help
Have you installed pipes and air cleaner?A lean running/poorly tuned bike bike will shake.A good tuning couyld help you out some.Go over the engine mounts with a torque wrench.Adjust the primary and final drives.Check the bike over for loose items.A loose exhaust will rattle your teeth loose.Every little bit helps.
Maybe we'll just call you "rocky" from now on :taunt

You talking about platform shoes here????:lolrolling
That looks like an imposters post, somebody hacked my computer......Hobbit? was it you?:naughty

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since you did post as wheels I'm guessing you think the vibe is from your wheels? If so I recently found a new product I used. It's about 7-10 bucks a tire, you use no wheel weights at all, auto balances real cool and rides like glass. "Innovative balancing" it's called, very small ceramic beads. I'm using it in all my tires.
Eliminate tire cupping, wheel balance and tire balance issues completely!
And all this time I thought cupping was caused by alignment mostly.:lolrolling

I still feel that dynamic (spin) balancing is the best for a tire. I fail to see how a loose media inside the tire can be as effective as an affixed weight that is placed on a rim after the rim is spun on a machine.

JMO bit I consider this product in the category of snake oil because who's
to say that the tire that was balanced with these beads even needed balancing to begin with and all the credit is given to the beads.

I would have to see a tire that was out of balance on a machine come into balance perfectly on that same machine just with the installation of the beads to believe it works.