US vs. Foreign parts in HD Touring models

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Jim B., Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Jim B.

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    I'm not trying to start a discussion on the global economy or US vs foreign wages, etc. I'm just curious if anyone knows the percentage of US vs foreign parts in the HD touring models like the ultra classic, the street glide, the road glide, etc. Thanks.
  2. HDDon

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    Seems like some else started a simular discussion and it went south in a hurry. I saw the article on ABC news (Ithink) about cars and the % of parts made here. I don't know if anyone except maybe the MOCO can give you a difinitive answer. Does it really matter?
  3. btsom

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    Fortunately I have not had to buy very many Harley replacement parts. Until now, I have never checked to see what the package says for manufactured in ... Rightly or wrongly, I would assume if a branded replacement part is made in Mexico, Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan etc, the original factory part would also come from there.
  4. Jim B.

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    No, it doesn't really matter to me. I was just curious. I have an 05 Goldwing (made in America with at least one American part) and an 09 Road Glide (made in America with more than one American part.) I didn't buy either and I'm not going to sell either because of the percentage of American/foreign parts. I did like the fact that they were both put together by U.S. workers. I have visited the York plant where my Road Glide was made but I didn't make it to the Ohio plant where my Goldwing was made before it closed.
  5. skydude426

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    I'm glad that HD's are still put together in the US with as far as I know, the main components made here. I try and shop around when it comes to after market parts to find ones made in the US and there are some good ones out there. My personal opinion is that with the tough economic times we're in and the declining middle class it's more important than ever to spend our money at home. Not trying to make this thread political, just pointing out that there are alot of good parts and accessories made in the USA even if thier not HD parts.
  6. 01 rk

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    +1 on skydude426's reply.
    I asked the question of domestic content in a e-mail to HD, no response.
    I wonder if they consider that proprietary info?
    Car mfrs are required to put domestic content on the sticker. Why shouldn't HD be required too?
  7. trike lady

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    I had seen in an article that the Goldwing was 85% USA made parts. Those made before 2012.
    The information on where parts come from should be disclosed to the consumer.
    I purchased a box fan years ago and it stated on the box, "Assembled in USA with parts both foreign and domestic" and that's a cheap fan.
    I believe they should post the same for an expensive motorcycle.
  8. Rubyred

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    Yes, it does really matter! To me at least. When I purchased the Primary gasket the package read "made in china and packaged in the USA." This really bugged me and still does. I really look at things I purchas, just me. Have a happy 4th of July my country's birthday!
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    Happy Fourth of July and God Bless America!
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    I think that's a very fair question. Considering the premium price we pay for anything labeled HD and that the MOCO is in the habit of capitalizing on it's USA heritage why don't they be more open about their components orign? I'm astonished at the prices :newsmile093: they charge for there Chinese made clothes. They must be marked up 500%. I can buy primium made in the USA riding gear at better prices than the MOCO labeled Chinese (EDIT). Just my take. :newsmile036: And yes I do perfer "American Made"

    Please read and understand the info in this link...
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