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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by PaPa T, May 4, 2011.

  1. PaPa T

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    Is there a product on the market that anyone knows of that can fix a flat temp on a tube Tire? I know they can be done on tubeless. How hard is it to fix a flat on the road?

    PaPa T
  2. HDDon

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    I won't say it is impossible to repair a tube type tire on the side of the road but I sure would not try it. Getting the wheel and tire off the bike would be the first obstacle and then you have to unmount the tire. I guess if you carry all the tire irons and tube patch on the bike you might be able to do this and then you have to be able to reinflate the tire and remount the wheel a tire on the bike. There are some products on the market that are supposed to seal tubes that have a small puncture, but it has been my experience that it is far safer to call to have the bike picked up and taken to be repaired.
  3. PaPa T

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    I guess this would be where my HOG membership would come in handy. Has anyone used this on the road and what is the average wait time to get help?
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    What Don said. It can be done, but I would not ride it over 30mph to the nearest shop to get a new tube and tire. And watch out for the big trucks on your butt doing 30mph.

    I've heard that about HOG membership, I emailed my local chapter about it and never got a reply. Guess I ought to call them. In any case my insurance covers a tow to the NEAREST facility that will fix the problem. Tows (for 20 miles) in my area run around 110 bucks. Clermont Harley (Florida) beat that on my last flat and towed it for 100 bucks. But I did not pay it, my insurance did. Check you policy.
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    I the old days when i was younger and my bikes had a centre stand i have patched a tube at the side of the road more than once
    the tyres then were not as wide as they are now and perhaps a bit easier to get on and off the wheel but i was younger then
    so now i pay for recovery to lift me from the side of the road if i need help
    i have never seen the spray in stuff work although i have seen it tried once or twice

  6. R_W_B

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    The fix a flat does work but it's a mess to change a tubeless tire with it in there. I use it on my wheelbarrow that always goes flat without it.
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    You can add motorcycle towing to your AAA membership (if you have AAA) for not too much money, which gives you a wide range of towing places to use. I had to have them come out once to jumpstart my old cost.
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    I did the fix a flat thing and got it to work one time. Limped from Truckee CA to Reno. Told them up front that i had sprayed the tire and had to pay a little extra for the mess.
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    Life Member I have used Hog towing many times, It depends on where you are at. Most major cities have a contract with a local bonded tow company that Hog and the dealer will refer you to. I have waited 1 hr plus:s