True Duals (The aftermath)

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Bobcat316, Jun 14, 2010.

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    A couple of weeks ago I got on here and started asking about installing true duals on my 07 Ultra. The feedback for the most part was installing the pipes and riding off into the sunset was not going to happen. The more I investigated this move the more I shied away.
    I guy that I saw at the local bike shop had lost several horse power and his bike did not run well after true duals (09 Roadking)

    What I ended up doing was replacing the stock slip-on mufflers with a set of Python mufflers. The change was more than I expected. As far as the heat goes, it changed it a little. But the sound was improved and the bike performed much better. I was cruising at 2000 to 2200 rpm without a glitch where at the rpm with the stocks it seemed to just lug. The noisy 5th gear whine was not gone but drown out by the pipes. The noise was louder and I had to turn the stereo up a notch or 2 but the sound of the bike is well worth it.
    I will try some heat guards under the seat and see what that does but if I am rolling down the highway it’s not too bad.
    Anyway that is where I went instead of duals
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    Hobbit after reading most of the post of your upgrades and how you ride, Im thinking your use of the word "almost" is like Richards. Almost done untill I think of something else to make it faster, handle better, look better or the weather is bad so I'm going to change something. Just when are you or Richard "almost" done?:D:D:D
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    Hey Bobcat, you can go with fuelmoto head pipes or vance&hines power duals and gain hp and tq.True duals usually steal power. If you stay with the 2-1-2 and get rid of the cat (if you have one) you can gain power.
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    It is what keeps us following their saga HDDon! :bigsmiley30:
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    [ im almost done on my CVO

    Hobbit,Does that mean it's almost time to trade it in??:p
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    Great not what I wanted to read, I just bought Samson true duals.:(
  7. Bud White

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    sure ya lose power supposly it shows on dyno seat of pants youll never tell the difference
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    I just installed a set of Bub true duals that someone had ordered 2 years ago and never picked up. Calgary Harley installed them free when they did my tensioner replacement. I got them for $380.00 Canadian which seemed like a good deal.
    Now to how the bike runs. 05 Ultra with K&N air filter, Power Commander III and Vance and Hine Ovals. I really like how much better the bike runs and sounds and don't know if I should get the PC III re-mapped or just leave it. Guess I'll sleep on it for a few weeks and see, but I'm sure happy I put them on.
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    digga25 ,
    the only cat around my place will be something the dogs drug up. I can't stand em.
    But Bobcat has been my nickname for many years.
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    I am just curious, at what speed and gear are you when cruising 2000-2200 rpm?