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Trans Oil Poll

Transmission Lube Poll

  • Redline Shockproof

    Votes: 188 15.0%
  • Amsoil

    Votes: 243 19.4%
  • HD Formula +

    Votes: 125 10.0%
  • Mobil 1 75/90

    Votes: 126 10.1%
  • Mobil 1 75/140

    Votes: 110 8.8%
  • Syn 3

    Votes: 102 8.2%
  • Royal Purple

    Votes: 45 3.6%
  • Bel Ray

    Votes: 56 4.5%
  • Lucas

    Votes: 33 2.6%
  • OTHER (Please specify)

    Votes: 223 17.8%

  • Total voters


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Let's see what transmission lube is being used.

Feel free to give your comments on it also.

Please don't post questions in this section or carry on conversations in this post.. Use the oil forum to do that. This is meant to just get a sampling of the oils used.

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Poll wasn't up when replied a few min. ago.
Got'er Done
I've got some of the Six speed oil your using on order, Swap it into a couple of my bikes next week.
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I think you said you were using the M1 oil in there now, wait till you see the difference.:s Smoooooooothe
I also got the 6 speed oil on order shoud here monday, I've been runing the amsoil gear lube.
Got rid of the Syn3 that the dealer put in all 3 holes at 1k service. Transmission now purrs with Mobile1 75/90. As soon as I can find a place to buy that new Spectro 75/140 made for 6 gear transmissions I will change to that.
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