Traffic Bullies

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  1. Fatboy John

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    First off let me say alot of folks show respect for those of us riding but I have a story that I felt needed posting that will blow most of your minds.

    Scenario: Divided highway with 3 lanes each side and 55 MPH zone tapering off going down to one lane into a construction zone with a speed decrease to 30 MPH posted. Traffic was 3 cars in front of me respecting the speed limits and one SUV quite maybe 200 yards behind me.

    Ended up that SUV was hauling butt and come flying up next to as the lanes were narrowing for the construction. The SUV ends up backing off the throttle and comes up about two feet on my tail and my response was slowing down a little more wondering what was going on.

    Big mistake on my part slowing down I guess.

    The SUV whips over from behind me onto the shoulder onto the dirt and goes fish tailing around me only to whip it back onto the highway pulling in front of me and slamming her barkes hoping I would hit her. Whoa!

    It gets better...intersection with a light 100 yards in front of us. I pulled up behind her and respectfully bumped my horn to get her attention and flipped her the bird.

    All of a sudden this big overweight woman jumps out and starts coming my way. Thats when I started laughing and had to ask her what she thought she was gonna do now? She adruptly jumped back into her SUV and was gone. Folks in the vehicles next to me that saw were shaking their heads at what the woman had done.

    Anyways, I learnt something from that encounter...road rage will come when its least expected, keep your cool and be savvy.
  2. Redfish-Joe

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    They are everywhere. A few weeks ago in Mobile I was leading a club ride and had stopped at a redlight. A car was ahead of us with a family in in. The light changed and the guy just sat there. I touched my horn to let him know the light had changed. He took off and went about 30/40 yards and braked HARD wanting us (me and Cindy) to hit him. The thoughts and language would have me banned, and most of the club!! Will he do it again? Not without thinking about it first.:D
  3. glider

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    Maybe she thought you looked like a good meal? :lolrolling
  4. Fatboy John

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    LOL...same things were going thru my mind...that is until she jumped out The SUV and started my way. That was just too funny > grinz

    That Glider has one heck of a sense of humor...good one bro > laffs
  5. dbmg

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    Its not just in traffic. Watch what goes on in a store while waiting to pay. Some people are just angry about everything and want to pounce on what they think will make them feel good. Fortunately she did not hit you. Its the Me Me Me society that we live in....
  6. purplehazeultra

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    I want to know is why is everone is such a big hurry to get there???
    The older I get the slower I go. Just saying.
  7. Spade5

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    Life is too short. Might as well slow down and enjoy what is left of the ride.

    I finally figured out these people know they are jerks and don't care. I do enjoy laughing at them though.
  8. glazier

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    Thats a great question. If they're late, they should have left the house sooner. Always seems like there's about 3 or 4 cars that think they have to get where they're going faster than everyone else. Traffic's not moving, but they have to keep changing lanes because the other lane is moving 3 seconds faster. Will that extra 3 seconds make that much of a difference??? I don't think so. And the worst part is, the fat lady in the OP probably told all her fat friends how rude bikers are cause you flipped her off for no reason. :D
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    The problem is "common sense" is a dying thing. I was involved in a situation the other day a mini van was blocking entrance to plaza. As a guy walked up and tried to push van it started drifting toward my car. I get out and help and a 3rd guy helped only to find driver ran out of gas. Pushed van 150' to gas station. I guess they were in such a hurry that they did not notice the yellow light on for low gas earlier in the day. Never got a thank you. I guess driver was entitled to that help which is another problem today..
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  10. Iceman24

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    I believe drivers have forgotten their "privilege" of why/how they're behind a wheel in the 1st place. Definitely way too many operators who need refresher course...IMO.

    Glad you're all OK after these altercations.