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  1. Mavagrand

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    Struggling with a decision. I have a stock 2008 FLHTC with 37K miles and an immaculate maintenance record. She's vivid black and been good to me over the years, I 've owned her since new and she's paid off. Here's my dilemma, we don't ride like we used to. As a matter of fact, I only ride her to church. Wife and I bought a camper a couple of years ago and it seems our motorcycle vacations are a thing of the past. Noticed the wife hasn't seemed as interested to ride lately; she told me an accident my nephew had last year has kinda spooked her. I can't see letting the bike sit all the time. How much do you guy's think I could get selling her outright and how much could I expect if I trade her in?

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    IF YOU still LOVE to ride?

    Buy a Little covered ramp trailer to pull YOUR LOVED BIKE behind FOR YOU to ride short rides when your out with the camper...

    Paid For :53:..... Keep It... USE IT:D

  3. STEVE07

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    I agree with BUBBIE here. It's yours and if you still want to ride a bit keep it!
    If you are truly done with riding sell it.
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    I have to agree. If it's paid for and you still enjoy riding it even occasionally, then keep it. Since you don't ride it much, I wouldn't hesitate to sell it if you need some cash for something else.

    Tough call either way, I know!
  5. dbmg

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    Remember you are never going to get what its worth to you. There may come a time that you will start to ride a bit more maybe with or with out the Misses.
    The fact that its paid for park in corner of garage covered up with tender plug in and let it be for a while till you can better see if the decision to trade in is correct. Just remember you now have a free motorcycle and if you decide to get another bike later, how will you replace the one you have......:s
    You could always get a quick disconnect for the tour pack and remove it to give bike a stripped down look.
  6. Jeff Klarich

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    Gotta agree with them Mark, sell it and you'll be kicking yourself.
  7. stray dog

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    Tough decision & I have to side with all above and keep it until your very sure you're not riding it anymore.

    Sites like cycle trader you can narrow down to your model and see what kind of prices similar bikes are going for.
    If you don't need the money, put a high price (firm)- talk it up, and see what shakes out.

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  8. Billbo

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    Another suggestion is to think about trading in your camper for a toy-hauler. That way, you still have a camper PLUS you can haul your bike with you.

  9. Amish Hawg

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    I think I'm feeling your "dilemma" as well Mav for different reasons maybe. Since my wife watched me almost get wiped out, while following me, she just wont ride anymore. ( a yuppie's BMW bumper grazed my left leg) Every time I get on the scoot, I get brow beat ( strictly out of love of course). But its just not the same without my riding buddy on the back.

    Its crossed my mind to let her (the scoot) go. She sits more than moves. Momma wont tell me to get rid of her simply because of the sentimental value and pleasure it brings me. But waaaaaaay back in my own mind, the thought lingers. It may be the right thing to do.

    A couple of my own thoughts:
    1) I can sell her, but man, there is no other bike out there like mine....ITS MINE. I made her MINE.
    2) Sell her and get that 67 Mustang and be in refurb heaven...then sell
    3) If/When the time comes - start anew and make another scoot MINE
    4) I wont get all the money back I put in to it...go high, stay firm.
    4) Trade her in and get that '15 Road Glide and see if she changes her mind about riding:D

    I feel your "pain" brother........But like myself....This is a dilemma only YOU can answer. Harley's are kind of like the industry I'm in ( Cable)....Once you are never get out.

    Let her sit till spring...........polish her up, take a ride. see where you are at.

    Good Luck
  10. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    It is a tough one, its paid for and the way you like it. I say pray on it:s