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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by glyd-n, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. glyd-n

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    The other day I was out cruising on the SG and noticed I was running about 105 mph. I didn't experience any wobble and it seemed that it had more to give. Even though these bikes are not made to be ridden this fast I was impressed. Even riding 2 up it pulls to 90 mph with no problem. Keeping in mind that I'm 6'4 225lbs and my ol lady is 5'11 and 170lbs this is also quite impressive. I have the stage 1 setup, but I think the MOCO has gotten it right. I generally cruise at around 80-85 mph. Anyway I'm curious to see what others top speeds and cruising speeds are and how the bikes performed. Lovin' it:D:bigsmiley17:
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    My bike (and I) are not comfortable at those speeds. 75 is about my limit. I think if I had a six speed and could lower the RPM's, higher speeds would be more comfortable. When I was a kid, speed was my thing. I got a ticket riding 2-up at 110 mph. Now that I am a Geeze, I prefer crusing about 50 on the back country roads.
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    C'mon tell me Hobbit. I wanna know, I wanna know!!:s
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    If you check your speedo against a GPS you will find your speedo showing about 5mph faster than what your actually doing...But considering the total weight involved...and for a motor that's light years behind in hp/tq numbers in stock form when compared to other touring bikes out there it is impressive. I think the time for MoCo to start using the 103in motor as standard in all their bikes is long over due!...jmo...Ride Safe
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    On a state patrolmans radar-123MPH. Thank goodness he was a riding buddy!!!
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    Mine goes the speed limit without any issues. If I have to pass someone, I knock it down one gear and hang on, the bike launches like a rocket. At my age I'm not even interested on knowing the top speed of the Ultra. I just want to set back and enjoy the ride.

    Take care and ride safe eh!!:D
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    My speedo showed 202 kph I was riding two up on the ultra and I had a heritage nose to nose with me on a wound out long highway , I don't think it will get any faster then that and I don't really like anything faster then 140k's anyway , here in Venezuela we really don't have the roads for it but as luck would have it there is no radar or tickets to speak of here.
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    Well I've had mine at an indicated 100mph, but not nearly as fast as this.

    "In 2006 Laura [Klock] became well-known in motorcycling circles when she set a world record racing a customized Harley-Davidson Road Glide on the Bonneville Salt Flats going 143.659 mph in 2006. She was racing for Klock Werks Kustom Cycles, the company she owns with her husband, Brian Klock. In 2008, she broke her own record with a top speed of 153.906 mph, and a new record of 153.592 going into the books. Speed is in her blood, something she has no problem passing on to her children."

    See the article hereTelling someone they ride like a girl in this case is sure a complement.
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    As long as you're below the red line, you're fine! I think Harley riders overall obsess too much about RPM's.
  10. Skratch

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    Probably around 95 (indicated) on my Ultra.

    The only time I do it is on one certain road near here we refer to as the "roller coaster road".

    Otherwise, I don't do much over 75-80 on the straights.