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To wave or not to wave


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Found this on a blog I go to and thought I'd share. Guy has a twisted sense of humor but I find him funny....enjoy

Motorcyclists... To Wave or not to Wave?
I love motorcycles, and I love riding. Like many of you, what first drew me to bikes was not just the experience of riding, but the feeling that I'd become part of a special community—a brotherhood, really. Nothing calms me more than a long ride down the interstate, waving to the members of my beloved clan. Except when I pass Harley guys. I hate Harley guys. Hate, hate, hate. When they pass me on the highway, you know what I do? I don't wave. With their little tassle handlebars and the studded luggage and the half-helmets—God, they drive me crazy.

You know who else I hate? BMW guys. Oh, I do hate those guys. I don't wave at them, either. They think they're so great, sitting all upright, with their 180-degree German engines. God, I hate them. They're almost as bad as those old boys on their touring motorcycles. You know what I call those bikes? "Two-wheeled couches!" Get it? Because they're so big. They drive around like they've got all day. Appreciate the scenery somewhere else, Grampa, and while you're at it, I'm not waving to you.

Ducati guys—I don't wave at them either. Why don't they spend a little more money on their bikes? "You can have it in any color you want, as long as it's red." Aren't you cool! Like they even know what a desmo-whatever engine is, anyway. Try finding the battery, you Italian-wannabe racers! I never, ever wave at those guys.

Suzuki guys aren't much better, which is why I never wave at them, either. They always have those stupid helmets sitting on top of their stupid heads, and God forbid they should wear any safety gear. They make me so mad. Sometimes they'll speed by and look over at me and you know what I do? I don't wave. I just keep on going. Please, don't get me started on Kawasaki guys. Ninjas? What are you, twelve years old? Team Green whatever. I never wave at Kawasaki guys.

I ride a Triumph, and I'll only wave at Triumph guys, but even then, I'll never wave at a guy in full leathers. Never, never, never. Yeah, like you're going to get your knee down on the New York Thruway. Nice crotch, by the way. Guys in full leathers will never get a wave from me, and by the way, neither will the guys in two-piece leathers. And I'll tell you who else I'm not waving at—those guys with the helmets with the loud paintjobs. Four pounds of paint on a two pound helmet–like I'm going to wave back to that! I'll also never wave at someone with a mirrored visor. Or helmet stickers. Or racing gloves. Or hiking boots.

To me, motorcycling is a like a family, a close-knit brotherhood of people who ride Triumph’s, wear jeans and a leather jacket (not Vanson) with regular gloves and a solid-color helmet with a clear visor, no stickers, no racing gloves and regular boots (not Timberlands). And isn't that what really makes riding so special?
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Definitely warrants a grain of salt...

I wave at any motorcycle. They share the same passion and cautions of the surrounding cagers as I do. A wave is the least I can do. :D
sounds like some of the metric forums I visit :laugh :laugh:bigsmiley20::bigsmiley20::lolrolling
I'll join in. I wave to everyone. Most all wave back,The one that don't are the ones that lose. Ride Safe Doug
To wave, or not to wave. That is the question. I think way back when I decided to circumscribe the United States on my ol pan head back in the early seventies. I lived in Orlando at the time and right out of high school in ’73 I took off on a two month journey at 18 years old. Man the feeling was incredible. I did not meet many riders along the way, and if I did, we waved, period. It seemed more a brotherhood in those days. Flash forward 32 bikes and more years later and I still wave, but now it seems more an obligation I suppose. I wave a friendly hand at anyone I pass, unless my wife is with me on the back, in which case she is in charge of friendly gestures. There are days when I think we should just stop waving. So many bikers are out there now, we are no longer a sub culture or road rarity. But other times I’m feeing the road and wind and a part of something, so shoot that hand in the air all day long. I snub no-one and feel no rejection if someone does not wave back, my friendly wave demands nothing in return.:44:
My wife and I were in Bermuda last weekend, bopping along on a little 49cc scooter. Out of habit, I started to wave at a passing scooter. Then I realized that I would be spending all my time waving! It sounds like a swarm of bees on the roads!

Thankfully I'm back on a bike that drowns out all annoying noises... :D
I wave when I can, hey, I'm special, (my mom told me that short bus was a privilege.:lero) even cops wave at me, mostly when I'm by myself, I tease my husband and tell him that when he's with me, not nearly as many people wave. Here's a question though, when your tooling along near an intersection, breaking and clutching some, is a nod of the head acceptable? A lot of times, I miss the chance to wave because I'm not quick enough there........hmmm......:)
Oh yeah, thanks for the read there Flashback. I really enjoyed that! I thought it was very funny....