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  1. elk258

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    I have a 2007 FLHT which will soon need a new rear tire. It presently has the HD Dunlops which seem to be a pretty good tire. One of my friends is recommending Avon. I am not sure which way to go. Any thoughts?
  2. Jeff Klarich

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    Avon makes a good product, had 1 on my rice burner and it worked well.
  3. TQuentin1

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    That depends. If you are only replacing the rear tire, then you should go back with what is on there now so that it matches the front. If you are changing both, you can switch brands as you wish.

    I ran the AVON Venum tires on my Ultra Classic and on my Dyna. Great handling tire, but a softer compound than the Dunlops. So the tire life was not as good. Depends on what you are looking for - performance or tire life.

  4. fin_676

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    I like the avon venom x and have them on my softail and sportster good grip on cold and wet roads
    Dunlop tyres were ok in the warm and dry but not so good in the cold and wet as my weather conditions are often cold and wet the avon tyres work for me

  5. Bodeen

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    I run Avon Venom's on my bike. I like them. I got 9K out of my last rear tire.
  6. Midnight Reign

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    Just to reinforce what has already been said , 1. I am a big believer in keeping the same brand and style tire on the front and rear, and 2. The avons are a good tire, nice andsticky with lots of grip, but the dunlops will give you way longer life. Also the dunlop 404 is the same tire as the dunlops HD puts on them from the factory, the only difference is they dont say Harley Davidson on the side walls.
  7. gusotto

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    I keep the brands matched.
    Have run both stock Dunlops and Elite 3 Dunlops.

    Have Continental Milestones on my '07 Ultra now. They have the smoothest ride so far.
    I also run the Continentals on my Sportster.
  8. jdezorzi

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    dunlops for me, they have worked well for the last seven years
    on the 2005 electraglide
  9. wildman9

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    I switched to Metzlers ME 880's and could not be happier, much better ride and great wet traction
  10. SkootchNC

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    <shrug> I 've had different brand tires on this bike (05 FLTR) as well as others... YES... I prefer to have both the same, but you have to do.... what you have to do.

    I never cared for the OEM Dunlop D-402 that were on this bike, and I swapped the pair out very early for a set of Metzler's, as I had great experience with them on a previous bike. Well that, and the Indy shop ordered the wrong Dunlop Elite-3, but had the Metzlers in stock......

    I wasn't to happy with the wear on the Metzlers... great grip, but lousy wear (about the same as the D-402). When the rear was shot, I put an Elite-3 rear on, with the existing M-880 front... Not a problem...
    13k later when the Metzler front was worn... I replaced both with the E-3. From the 20k mark to the 80k mark... my bike wore the E-3's.... I was very pleased with them... good wear, yet had good grip. An onymoron, but true.
    This year, after reading about how improved the Michelin Commander II's were, I took a chance, and bought a pair.
    Still too new (4500 miles) to tell... but as grippy and the metzlers, and look brand new

    Buddy has the Avon on his Ultra... but just mounted them.... he's had issues from the D-407/8 as well as the "American Elite"...might be his bike... dunno... he keeps a close eye on air pressures, but on his bike, he's had "cupping issues" from day one..