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    Am putting on new tires tomorrow - Have run Metzlers for the past three sets but don't seem to be getting much mileage out of them. Anyone that can give me something to compare would be appreciated.
    Ride FLHRCI....
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    ohh boy here we go

    Did you try a search this comes up about twice a week
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    I'll answer quite simply...Metzler Tires are Good, Dunlop Tires are Good, Avon Tires are Good...etc! They do not spend all their R&D dollars to build poor quality products. So in a nutshell for the given purpose I would hazard a guess that at least 70% of the wear & mileage of a tire is related to how the rider uses them and the bike they are put on. With 30% left to work with, quality of materials, design engineering et-al is spread amongst all reputable manufacturers.

    Suddenly there is not that much difference between them other than whether their product fits YOUR rider/user application. Kinda blurs the difference a few 1000 miles will make over the life of the tire, plenty of time for an errant nail, cut or bruise to the tire, to bring the debate to a premature end. :D
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    I have Dunlops. 13k front and about 6-6500 0n rear. And thats normal riding.
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    I have used all three, I have Avons Venom AM42 now, they are ok they have a unstable feeling riding over asphalt patches or grooves on the road. After these ware out I'm going back to Metzlers,only one size bigger. I did get good mileage on the MEZT. 8grand (little over 1/2 wear)when I switched to Avon, certain size it does not mean the Diameter and width are going to be the same. Metzlers are a tad smaller in Dia. and taller than some other brands. Go to each tire manufacture on line and print out the tire spec charts. This is what I found for my 06 heritage, first the dunlop 150/80/1671h is 25.25 dia,6.25 width,8/32 tread. then the metzeler 150/80/16 71h is 25.45" dia, 5.85" width, 8.0mm tread depth. Now the Avon Venom AM42 150/80/16 77V is 25.20" dia,6.20" A Metzeler 150/80/16 is really a 140/80/16 in the real dia. and width compared to a stock dunlop or Avon. The Diameter makes a difference in the gearing. not to lug or to lug.
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    I run Dunlop's on my 1997 Low Rider and 2006 Ultra.
    Have averaged 10k to 12k on the rear. Normal riding. Never do burn-out's or push them hard.
    I go through two (2) rear's to one (1) front.

    Have a friend that ride's a 1986 Honda Shadow 500 and they get the same result's as I.
    They run Dunlop's also and their mileage has averaged the same as my Harley's.
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    Smitty, do a detect a little sarcasm there?
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    In my opinion and experience, Dunlop for wear (10K average for me) Metzlers for comfort. (8K for me) For me, the lesser mileage is worth it. When my Dunlops expire, I will go to Metzler tires on my new bike providing they are available. Depends on what you want. To get a better ride you need softer tires. Softer tires mean less miles. It is a tarde off only you can decide on.
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    I'm not crazy about the dunlop D series, i seem to get more "wobble" in the corners than other tires. The Dunlop E3's seem to handle _much_ better, but not last quite as long as the metzlers. The metzlers handle good, not as sticky, but i seem to get around 8k out of a rear dunlop, and around 10-12k from a metzler rear. Just my two cents. I do think the metzler ME880's give me what i want... Miles, and a better ride in the corners, not so much wobble in the corners as the dunlop D series.
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    would putting bike on jackstand (when not ridden for long period) and maintaining right tire pressure prevent from tire cracks?

    some say dont use the tire wax too often.

    i had the 'wobble' problem on previous stock dunlop on the front. it was almost or probably worn out.
    replaced it with new dunlop gt502 screaming eagle, to match the rear tyre. soon after replacement, havent felt any wobble in corners.

    but i still feel vibrations from handle bar at certain speed, or is it normal? i find my dyna vibrates more than softail/bagger..
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