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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by rks959, Apr 18, 2011.

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    Hello,I ride a 99 Dyna Wide Glide and am in need of a rear tire.Went to local dealer and was quoted price of approx 250.00-300.00 for tire and install.Does that sound about right or can i buy one off internet and put it in myself .Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,rks959
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    Harbor Freight has a selection of tire changing tools at a budget price..
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    Another option if you are able, ordered tire on-line, remove wheel and have new tire installed on wheel at shop. If you have a spoke wheel be sure to ordered tube and rim strip..
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    Just order your own tire from whoever, best price , etc.

    Take the wheel of and bring it to a shop for mount and ballance, I get $25. (standard wheel)
    for that here. But I,m a little outta the way for you , sure ya got someone close. Just not worth the struggle with the manual tire changer.
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    300 seems a bit steep... But for a good quality tire at a discount rate will be around 150, a new tube is 20 or so.. If you take it off yourself (which is fairly easy) you'll save a ton on mounting fees etc.... I just had a flat and mine is on a jack right now with no rear wheel on it... I enjoy doing it myself just so i can clean every thing up real good as i go. But i do take the wheel in to have someone mount it. Its a royal pain without a tire changing machine and you might end up bending a rim.
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    I never got round to taking mine anywhere to get the tyres changed it is one of the things i have always done myself
    i do use rim protectors on the edge of the rim i also use 3 tyre leavers and i do use tyre soap on the beads to help ease them off and on
    when doing spoked wheels i always fit new rim tape and a new tube
    if you get the tyres both the old and the new waem then they are more pliable and easier to get on and off
    Breaking the bead can be a wee bit of a pain but using a large g clamp with a lump of wood on the backside of the wheel will allow you to ease the bead of the tyre off the rim

    pleanty of tyre soap on the bead

    push one side of the bead into the centre hollow in the rim

    rim protectors on the opposite side and get 2 leavers under the bead

    pull the bead out one leaver at a time works best with 3 evenly space leavers

    work round the wheel till it is fully off

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    I just bought front and rear Metzler 880's for my glide, delivered, for just over $200 from motorcycle superstore online. Motorcycle Tires at Motorcycle Tire Superstore

    They have 'Preferred Installers' in your area, and here the Preferred Installer did both tires, out the door, for $117. Rode it it, rode it back out about an hour later.
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    Yes, you can buy a new rear tire on-line and then mount yourself as indicated above. Just be sure to tell the place you are ordering it from what you expect for the manufactured date of the tire. I will NOT accept a tire that is over a year old when I get it.

    Then, as long as you are not WAY far away from a metric bike shop, you might consider removing the wheel and tire and taking it to the metric shop for mounting and balance. That will be between $30-40.

    If you are way out there, then Fin_676 has you covered on doing it yourself.

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    Thanks TQ
    I thought about taking the last set to nearest motorcycle shop 60 mile round trip then i thought nah
    the fancy wheels were a pest to do but the stock ones are fairly easy