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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by scubasigguy, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. scubasigguy

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    When I picked up my bike a few weeks ago I knew that even with 3515 miles on it I would need tires in about 1000 miles. Those miles have passed quickly. I called my local dealer and they quoted me this price;

    The front is a 130x70x18 $192
    The rear is a 170 x 60 x 17 $198
    They charge $144 for labor

    These are for the stock tires on my 07 RK

    My question is does this seem about right to you folks? I was considering a change from Dunlop as I am not really a fan, especially if they are only good for 4500 miles. But I was surprised by how few choices are available in the sizes I need. Two Brothers in Atlanta quoted me $290 for two Metzlers shipped. The front was a bias ply and the rear a radial, but he didn't sound certain that they were good for my bike.

    I am open to suggestions. Thanks.
  2. Bud White

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    check into michilein commanders cheaper than dunlops and way better i love mine on my rkc i got them 210 shipped for the pair last year
  3. bobwire

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    just bought a new stock rear for my rk, dunlop. 112$ at your front door. was concered about the age of tire, emailed them, they said it was a popular tire, fast turnover. when i got it (3 days ) man. date was 6/10. bought it from AMT recomend them. called the other big mail order store, asked about man. date, they said no way to check it. the price of that tire was 98$ sooo. ps pulled the old one off myself, dealer charged 37.50 to mount and balance.......................bw

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    Scubaguy, the HD Dealer should offer 20% discount on the list price of the tires as you are replacing BOTH thru them (my local dealer uses the Service & Parts MGR signature authorizing this as a customer service deal). For liability reasons, they should NOT mix radial and bias ply tires, and always opt for stock tires for stock wheels, as that combo is tried and true (they will also not "mix" brands for the same reason. Your HD dealer may also reduce the labor rate a bit if you scheduled an appointment...sometimes if they are not too busy, they will have 2 techs work on it to shorten the time and labor costs to get you on the road happy...just a thought.:s

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    Hmmm. Anyone that says there is no way to check the manufacture date on a tire does not know what they are talking about and you should look elsewhere for tires. Now maybe they meant there was no way for them to check the manufacture date and tell you what they are BEFORE they ship it to you, that I would see happening.

    The date on the tire should be a four digit number molded into the sidewall. The format is wwyy, where ww is the week number, and yy are the last two digits of the year. So if your tires said 0610, then that would be the 6th week of 2010. Sometime in early February.

  6. RetiredJake

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    I buy my tires from Jake WIlson. Very reasonable cost, fast shipping (free if you buy 2 tires), and the date codes were relatively new. Got both tires for my Dyna for $196.98 total to my door.

    I installed them myself, so that was it for my cost. Your dealer or a good indy should be able to change them for a reasonable price, cheaper if you remove and install the wheels yourself.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    My question to you is Are those miles on the bike Correct???? and Not changed???

    I would Never think that bike would wear-out a back tire in that few of miles..

    I also agree with Smitty 901... Too Much $$.

    I would take "my" HD bikes around the corner to a Honda shop in Sierra Vista and get Good tires (ordered) without the HD logo on them,,,, But the same exact rubber compound and numbers...... Their Full off and mount, balance was so much less than HD's shop that I would let them do the Full Job..

    They carried the same tires as the HD shop and could order them saying HD but you saved another 30-40$$ by no HD on the side wall.... Lot of HD bikers go there...

    Check your area and you might be surprised at the savings and the Quality I found at a metric dealer.

  8. Bud White

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    i only got 7500 on my rkc tire
  9. glyd-n

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    That is pretty low mileage. I got 15k out of my original rear tire.
  10. ChopperDoc

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    Check out "ridedirect.com".

    Also, check out some of the local custom shops; we have one down the road that charges $30.00 (each) for mount and balance and $5.00 for disposal of your old tire. Believe it or not, same price on or off the bike!!