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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by airplaneb777, Jun 2, 2010.

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    I have been running the max cold air pressure that the side of the tire says. I bought a manual this week and it says 30/40 F/R. I have 40/40, the front end seems to handle a little squirley to me, would too much air pressure in the front tire cause this?
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    YES to much air will make it feel like your on ice

    you should run about 4 lbs under what the tire says on the sidewall!
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    There are plenty of threads on tire pressure.

    Use the specs that are located on the frame of the bike or check the manual. On my sporty, it's located on the left side of the frame (opposite of the exhaust) below the engine. Not sure about other bikes.

    You can inflate more than this to accommodate 2 up riding and packed bags etc. but don't exceed the max rating on the tire.

    The max rating on the tire is specific to the tire only.

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    Check the front decal on your frame...it has the recommended tire pressures listed there...or your operators manual.

    The correct tire pressure for my 2004 XL1200R is 30 psi front 36 psi rear, if two up increase the rear to 40 psi, the XL1200C has the 21" wheel/tire combo, but my service manual says tire pressure is the same, but check your owners manual to be sure. If you have no reference manuals, make that quick call to your HD dealer and he will cheerfully look it up for you.

    It is also in the Self Help section or Search section, typing keywords tire pressure sportster. Plenty of useful information here at HDTimeline...with a click of the mouse.
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    check your tyre pressure when cold then check again when the tyres are hot after a good run the hot pressure should be around 4 psi greater than the cold pressure
    if its less than 4 psi tyres are too hard and if greater than 4psi tyres too soft adjust cold pressure accordingly
    heat and increase is generated by tyre wall flexing so you'll know that your tyre/bike combination is correct if you carry out this procedure
    tyre pressure in the manual is for average weight rider and OEM tyres

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    The pressure on the sidewall is the max inflation for that tire, check your manual for proper inflation cold and never run the max on the sidewall. a good rule of thumb when checking hot the tires should be 10 percent over what they would be cold
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    Check your manual and use the pressure as recommended. . on the ultra it is on the down-tube in front of the motor. A blow out at high speed is not pretty!
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    That is the KEY right there. If your not running OEM tires all bets are off and you must inflate tires to what the tire manufacture says to run.

    Example: My 2009 FXDL. Manual says to run 30 front 36 back for factory Dunlops. I now have Metzeler 880 tires on the bike. I now must run 38 front 40 rear per Metzeler in bold letters. 30/36 would be under inflated for the Metzeler tires. "It's a Fact Jack":p
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    The Max on the side wall is the max. Not the amount the tire must be inflated to. The bike/manufacturer stipulates the specs of the inflation requirement for the handling and load rating characteristics. It's perfectly safe and fine to have the tires inflated to less than what the side wall indicates.

    Also, you don't need to equipe your bike with the exact OEM tires, you can put on any tire that meets or exceeds the OEM specs for the bike. But, don't let the tire dictate the required pressure. It's the bike/MoCo engineers that do that after extensive testing and R&D for each and every bike.

    The only exception is for bikes that are riden off road. Street, stunt, dirt. You can adjust tire pressure for the conditions required.

    Do what you like but, you're not helping your ride by over inflating.