tips for a first trip?

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    I'm gearin up to do my 1st road trip. I'll be solo & don't really know where I'm headin (just wanna see where my bike takes me while I have a little down time). I've got an '09 dyna w/ no bags & I'm lookin to travel light (backpack on my back or strapped to the rear fender). I imagine nights spent in cheap motels.
    any tips? things to bring/not bring that you didn't think of until after your 1st trip? advice u learned out on the road?
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    Stay off the superslab, and take local highways. Stop more often than you want to, look around, talk to a local. Drink drink lots of non carbonated, fluids. Eat light when on the road, a heavy meal after check in is ok. Of course sunblock, lip balm and all that. You should stop before you want to. If your joints hurt or are stiff, drink more. Cheap motels are ok, just not in the cheap part of town. I always ask for a ground floor room and park on the sidewalk outside the room, or the window if it's an inside entry motel. Have fun, this is your first of hopefully many trips. When you get close to home, you should be thinking "where to next".
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    Might want to reconsider saddle bags. Your pack might only weight 10-15 pounds but any prolong riding it may end up weighing a ton. Plus it may interfere with properly operating bike...............
    Do not forget to leave your watch at home and take a map.

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    tools take tools.did i mention bring a tool pack? my tool pack saved me on a road trip once
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    To drive some other posts home about tools....

    Riding this morning, my rear shifter fell off. Wedged at the foot board and my front shifter lost all grip. Without the trusty allen wrench in the saddle bags, i'd still be sittin.

    Doesnt mean you have to take a tool chest, just a few select.

    You'll have a'll be amazed at the people you meet just by saying "Hello".

    Be safe if you may meet some HDT's in yer travels.
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    I enjoy sitting at the counter when I have a meal. Service is usually better/faster and you get to observe all the goings on. From the chatter between waiters/waitresses to a good look at people coming and going, the counter is often the best place to sit. It's easy to strike up a conversation with the person next to you or the waitstaff, (if you want to).

    One of the best meals I've ever had was at the counter of a Waffle House in Arizona. The food was what I expected, the entertainment was worth twice the price of the meal!

    Safe Travels!
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    If you dont have a lock, buy a disc lock and put it on the rear disc when you stop, this will make it harder for thieves to roll off with your bike. Like Breeze said park on the side walk if you can, I like to back in:s
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    Be sure to do a pre-check of everything you can think of on your bike. Critical checks as outlined in the service manual, you obviously don't want a breakdown on the road. A spare headlight may come in handy and as mentioned

    My big problem on my first trip was I brought way too much stuff, but since you don't have bags you may not have that problem.
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    I like this. Yep, found out about the fluids the hard way. Drink even if you're not thirsty. Oh, and take a pocket camera and don't be afraid to ask folks to take a pic of you and your scoot....