Tipping over at slow/stop

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by pyro, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. pyro

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    I feel like a idiot for asking this but I have a 2011 ultra classic and have had bike go down at a stop when wheel turned to right or at a angle on to the crash bars. Someone said that it is to much front brake pulling it over or using it to come to a stop at slow speed and to use the back more on these bikes. I went from a shadow sabre to this touring for comfort and long rides. It is a whole new world riding this bike and I love it but have this issue and want to confirm if anyone else is found a good way of doing this. It is only when I am going to the right. Please help in anyway you can.
  2. rperk60

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    Use the rear brake:hii
  3. sharpscuba

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    Ditto on the rear brake.
  4. Webbtron

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    I like to take off from a stop with the front wheel straight. Then I make my turn.
  5. Subby

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    Absolutely use the rear brake!!! Whenever you come to a stop with the front wheel turned....stay off the front brake!!! If you don't, it's almost a guarantee that you will very quickly be on the ground. Also, the front brake on the Ultra grabs really quick at slow speeds. The technique I use is to use both bakes as you're slowing down for a stop then get off the front and only use the rear to complete the stop.
  6. lorne

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    i found with the road king i use the back break more than i do on the softail. heavier front end on the road king doesn't like the front break at slow speed. softail is more forgiving with the lighter front end. when i got the road king i drove around the neighbor hood for the first few hours to get use to the new bike and the heavier front end. i did this because of the difference that i could feel between the bikes front ends.

    love them both ride them both, just not at the same time
  7. Webbtron

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    I didn't mention the front brake because I learned on Sportsters with disk fronts and drum rear brakes. I lean on my front brake more that the average guy on the new models. Or I would think I do. So don't do what I do which is squeeze the front brake handle with 2 fingers my little finger and what ever that one next to it is. This keeps ME from locking them up.
  8. tubguy

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    I point my front end (bike on a slight angle ) when i come up to an intersection and am gonna turn right. i find that this helps a little especially with the small streets downtown. And i especially never use the front break when I plan on stopping, not sure if anyone else does this.
  9. ProF

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    That happened to me a few times after going from an fxr to a roadglide. The glide is not only bulkier in front, but topheavy as well.
    Got rid of it for a softail, haven't had the problem. Softail is much more like the fxr, even tho the softail is only about 30lbs lighter than the glide. I would have guessed 130, based on the "feel" of the two. With the softail, I'm not always thinking I'm going to fall over when I stop.
  10. SilverFoXD

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    Coming from a Honda Sabre you may be still compensating for the torque from the shaft drive. Follow the advise here, keep the bike vertical, front real straight, and off the front brake as you stop. Your Heritage is a different animal from what you are used to.

    And welcome to the forum.