Time to replace my battery..

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by oldhippie, Feb 29, 2016.

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    It's going on 7 yrs with the OE battery in my EG Ultra Classic. The dealer replacement HD battery is, of course, a good $50 more that aftermarket. I've read some not so flattering reviews on the OE replacement but I suppose any can have a bad batch. Just trying to decide between Deka (makes HD's batteries) or Interstate as those I can find within a reasonable distance. Any thoughts or long term experience with either?
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    Deka and Interstate are both very good batteries, I bought my last one(can't remember the brand) at Batteries plus, starting my 4th year and it seems to be working good.
    I keep it on the tender when not riding.
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    Here is some info:



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    OE batteries have always worked well for me when I have tried aftermarket they have not worked for so long however the choice of batteries here in UK may not be so comprehensive as it is your side of the pond

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    My O.E. battery is going on 8 years old....
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    My original battery may make it another year but I noticed the starter seemed to be dragging last year so I'm erring on the side of caution. Have a trip to Vancouver Island planned for mid May and don't want to take the chance on the 7yr old one deciding to die.

    Instead of muddling around calling all over the place I ordered the Interstate one from a local Yamaha dealer this afternoon: 500cca / 32ah vs 400 cca / 26ah for the Deka. The HD replacement is 405 cca.
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    Great call! No sense in stranding yourself on purpose..
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    Just bought a new one yesterday at batteries plus. Duracell Ultra agm. Made by East Pennsylvania battery. Same as Harley. Fits Electra glide 142 bucks out the door. 400 CCA 2 year replacement. The smaller one with 310 CCA for softails is 124. I change mine every 4 years regardless.
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    I have a couple of friends that attended the motorcycle expo in Cincinnati last month. While at the expo they got into the discussion about batteries with a Yuasa Rep. They asked him about the issue with Deka battery life compared to Yuasa; why the newer Dekas did not have the life of the older ones. The Yuasa rep claimed that he'd worked at Deka back when change occurred and claimed that HD went to Deka to tell them to limit the life of the batteries because they were lasting too long. Deka complied and that is the reason why the current Dekas don't last as long as the older ones and don't have the CCA. Place a newer Deka on a charger, charge till full then let it sit a couple days and the voltage will very likely drop to where a load tester says it needs a recharge.:eek:

    Now would one be suspect of negative comments on Deka batteries from a Yuasa rep? Maybe, in the past, Deka has been the "go to" brand for OEM battery replacement. However, do some research on the HD forums and will find many complaints that the Deka battery life isn't what it used to be However, I suspect that the MoCo, in a cost reducing effort, told Deka (Yes Deka, AKA East Penn Battery still makes the OEM HD batteries) that a battery that will last 7-8 years isn't necessary since the factory warranty is only two years. Think about it, if the MoCo can drop the cost of every battery by what, $20, that goes straight to the bottom line; they sure don't pass that savings on to the buyer.:mad: I suspect that was behind the MoCo's move to reduce the cost of the HD branded Deka batteries instead of a request to reduce the quality of the battery.:(

    IMHO, the best choice for OEM battery replacement are the Odyssey, YUASA GYZ batteries. Braille is the top of the line but pricey. Braille batteries weigh about half what the others weigh and will spin a high compression motor like the plugs are out but, like I said, about double the price.;)
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  10. TQuentin1

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    I'm trying out the Power Source Batteries: Lightning Start Battery WPX30L-LS in my '12 UC. The OEM battery that was in the bike when I got it was all swollen up (bulging).

    I had great luck with the Odyssey in my '03 UC, but had switched back to OEM (HD) when that battery failed and I needed one quick. The OEM battery only lasted a very short while then it failed. I had switched to the Interstate Batteries that fit the UC when the crash happened and totaled the bike. Never really know how that battery might have done.

    We'll see how this Power Source Batteries one does.