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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Locke, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Locke

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    As the weather warmed and the number of bikes on the road increased, I wanted to post a thread reminding everyone to ride safe............ I did not.

    Today after reading "Tragedy in Phoenix Yesterday" from Gas Gauge, I felt called to do more. Many of you have posted information on safe riding techniques, pre ride inspections, DWI, phones, and more, asking you to ride safe is like preaching to the choir............ ride safe please!

    Besides bike fourms I'm a member of a Chevy truck fourm, my wife has a facebook account and we share an e-mail account. I will start here. I will e-mail/post a Request asking them to Please look out for those of us who ride. The idea is to remind those who do not ride of our presence. Hopefully this simple request will raise their awareness. I'm asking you to do the same. Because of the many walks of life that we come from, and our many different interest, we have the ability to reach millions.

    The goal is to save lives through awarness. If you choose to help, Please be respectfull and not rude. Hopefully we can save the lives of family members, friends, and brothers we'll never meet.

    Ignorance IS a Choice, and Passiveness IS Acceptance!

  2. The4opps1

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    It may sound a tad paranoid, but I ride as if everyone is out to get me...You have to keep you eyes constantly searching for signs of trouble....There are so many distractions out there, and so many people who fall prey to them. Constantly scan the road before you. Notice if people who are pulling out into traffic are paying attention and notice you. Check your mirrors often for people coming up fast from behind. Pay attention to those coming towards you, especially for any inattention and lane drifting.

    If all of this sounds a bit un-relaxing, to a degree, it is. That's why I spend a lot of time on back roads that are not as heavily travelled. Yes, you still have to keep a watchful eye, but there are not as many obstacles to a safe ride...
  3. glider

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    Could it be because you are in NJ ? :D
  4. rick1062

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    Great idea Locke. I agree with you and am going to make a point to send out some emails myself.

    Thanks for the elbow in the ribs to help get us started with a great and safer riding season.
  5. sprinklerfitter669

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    Good one Glider :lolrolling
  6. Locke

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    That is exactly the point of the post RichardS and The4opps1. If those around you would just ackowledge your existence, you would be safer.
  7. glyd-n

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    In the defensive driving courses that I have taken, it has always been taught to be aware of others driving around you. This is most important because in most cases they are not looking for motorcycles. We as riders have to see through and anticipate the actions of others. Sometimes this can be unnerving, but it helps to keep us safe. Just last night on the interstate I witnessed a car driving a little aggressively, so I dropped back, then suddenly the car swerves to the left in front of me to change lanes and the drivers door swings open. Needless to say this FREAKED me out, but because I had noticed it earlier, this probably saved me and the two other guys riding with me from a horrible fate! I don't know if the guy even saw me or not, and don't think he even cared. It amazes me how people can see a small animal or object in the road, but can't see an 800 lb motorcycle and rider.
  8. Safehaven

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    :D It's nice to read someone's reply and being able to post "what he said" :D

    I'm following the facebook idea, going to post a reminder right now..
  9. gasbag

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    I spend about 90% of my time on back roads. I am fortunate to live in the country and I have 100's of miles of roads where I don't even see a car for 15 minutes. My biggest problem is watching out for deer and elk etc.

    Whether I am on the back roads or in traffic I always drive like I am invisible. Drivers can look right at you and not see you.
  10. Backroad Rider

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    As gasbag stated and as you can probably tell by my moniker, back roads are where I prefer to do my riding where possible. I like the face book idea and will do my share from my end. Ride safe and keep the shiney side up.