Throttle Stuck Open

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by franka, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. franka

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    Riding home on the freeway today and noticed when I down shifted the RPM did not follow suit. Engage the clutch and the RPM would not drop below 3000. Limped home using a combination of front and back braking, and shifting 2nd through 5th.
    Another weird aspect was after about 15-20 miles of this the rear brake peddle went limp. Finally got home (safe, thank you) let the bike sit for about 30 minutes, went back to check on it and brake pedal was strong again? However the idle is still stuck at approx. 3000 RPM. Approximately 2,000 miles ago I had the throttle and idle cable replaced by a credible shop, no problems until today.
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    I think the throttle cables (both) need to be looked at.
    Need lube?
  3. Breeze3at

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    Pull your air filter cover and see if your butterfly (throttle plate) is fully closing.
    If not, adjustments to both cables at the grip is required. If it IS closing, then the problem is probably with the IAC (idle air controller) or Intake Air Temp.Sensor. Does it still idle high when cold?
    Since cables were recently replaced, check to see if one may have popped off it's guide or gotten pinched/pulled somewhere between grip and throttle body.
  4. STEVE07

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    The above posts have you covered on the throttle issue. As far as the rear brake goes you probably overheated it. When you overheat brakes the brake fluid also overheats causing the pedal to go soft.
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    You are, unintentionally I hope, keeping lots of stuff "secret". For those not intimately familiar with your particular machine, is it throttle be wire, have you had any cruise control problems, is the twist grip moving freely and springing back to the idle position on its own? Do you habitually hold the front brake when you shut off the engine? Have you recently changed grips or done any other maintenance or modifications?

    In effect, you are saying "My machine isn't working right, please help". Give those wanting to help all of the information you can think of to help them help you.
  6. Jeff Klarich

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    A sure test is if the throttle grip snaps back. Posts above have you covered.
  7. btsom

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    Wanted to wait until verification of TBW and that the twist grip is moving freely but there is at least ONE more thing to try. The throttle twist grip will move "forward" (opposite direction from opening the throttle) a small amount. That is an option to disengage cruise and starting in 08, I believe to turn EITMS on and off. That is why I asked about holding the front brake at shutdown. If the twist grip is rolled forward when the engine is turned off, that position is remembered by the ECM as the desired idle value. When the twist grip springs back to its normal position the ECM sees that as a throttle increase thus commanding the throttle to open a bit and causes high idle at the next start, even after warm up.

    To reschedule the ECM back to the normal twist grip position being proper idle do the following. Have the RUN/STOP switch (on the switch box by the throttle twist grip) in RUN. Do NOT touch the twist grip. Turn the master switch (on the tank) on and off 4 times, leaving it in each position for about 3 seconds each. Don't start the engine during this process. PROVIDING that the accidentally rescheduled idle setting in the ECM is your problem, the engine will now idle normally. Avoid accidentally putting any forward pressure on the twist grip at shutdown and you should never have the problem again. If you have throttle cables, this whole post is a waste of time.
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    No TBW in '06 and the bike could be carbureted; another detail the OP has left out.:s Since the throttle/idle cables were replace, even though 2K miles back, that's the first place to look. Throttle grip snap back and IAC port as has been suggested could also be offenders. :small3d015:
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    My bad, missed the entire last sentence on the first read.
  10. joel

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    Still good information for those with TBW. I have had a few friends that have rolled the throttle during shut down and the on / off procedure reset idle position to proper settings.
    OP Said he has cables, so checking adjustment and sticking throttle plate is the starting point .