Thoughts on oil change - Take it in or Do it yourself?

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    I just recently bought a new 2010 Iron 883. I am a couple hundred miles shy of 1000 miles. So it is almost time for my first oil change. The dealership stressed that I should take it in for the first oil change. I am fully capable of changing the oil myself and would like to save some money. Do you think there is a special benefit to getting the oil changed at the dealership?

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    As Hobbit says, the dealer did not send you a courtesy notice or offer the first service for free? Can't hurt to ask and also build a good relationship with the dealer if you are not doing service yourself in the future. If you choose to, there are plenty of friends here that will help walk you through basic is easy and gets you more in tune to how your bike is doing.

    All it takes is a small investment in a service manual, some simple handtools and a bit of research here at the HDTimeline forum. Look in the Self Help tabs for subject or bike of interest...and use the Search tab typing in keywords to find the related threads on the subject you are reviewing.
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    Kind of a "water under the bridge" situation but, IMHO, you're way past time for an oil change if you're coming up on 1000 miles.

    If you did this:

    Engine Break In For New Motors - Harley Davidson Community

    Or any other type of break in actually, you'll have tiny metal shavings and residue from the break in before you're even at 100 miles. Best to get that stuff out and replace with a good quality synthetic oil as soon as possible.
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    If the dealer is going to do it for free, let them do it. If not, do it yourself and get to know your bike! As always suggested, get the service manual, it'll pay for itself the first time you use it...
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    Free or not, I would not let the Dealership do it. They will likely put in the stock Dino oil (which is pretty good for a Dino oil). If you ask them, they will "up-grade" you to SYN3 (for a price!). This is a Group 3 oil, not a full synthetic. Since you are fully capable of doing your own work, I suggest getting a premium quality FULL synthetic (Group 4) 20W50 vTwin oil to use in your engine. But do use the HD filter specified for your bike.

    Check the Self-help pages in the oil section.
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    Forgive my ignorance, but if you do the service yourself, want they invalidate the warranty. Heard some horror stories over here about people doing bits and bobs themselves, and then something happens to the bike and the dealer won't fix it, because it hasn't got the service stamps. It may be different on the sunny side of the pond though:(
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    As above, do it yourself. I've had Harleys for years and have never taken them back to the dealer. Buy the service manuals and between them and the good people on this site, you should be able to fix anything that comes up. The feeling of accomplishment after fixing a problem and knowing you saved hundreds of dollars sure feels good.
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    Do it yourself. It's easy enough and as stated above, it will give you a feel for what's going on with it.
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    my dealer led me to beleive it would void your warantee as well. I didn't want to take the chance so i had them do it. this was prior to all the great advice i find on this site. You may want to talk to your dealer to avoid any hastles.