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The Ultimate Bikers Movie


OK, I know everyone has a favorite movie about motorcycles. Everyone you talk to says "you gotta see ....." yeah, I know. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a list of classic (or not) movies that you could look at to decide what you wanted to rent. Sooo, I thought why not enlist the help of everyone to compile a list of "Motorcycle Related Movies" you gotta see! Why not have something like this.....

This would be great for everyone who lives in the colder climates and can't ride yet. It will get your blood pumping until you can wheel it out of the garage :s LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!
On any given Sunday, worlds fastest indian, Che Guevera - Motorcycle diaries, Silverdream macine,
thats it for now :)

Wildhogs was funny and a lot of us (riders) seen it together ...that made it enjoyable...but for pure entertainment I loved the "Worlds Fastest Indian"...Guess coz its based on a true story...I know it wasn't a Harley ! :bigsmiley12:
On any given Sunday, worlds fastest indian, Che Guevera - Motorcycle diaries, Silverdream macine,
thats it for now :)

I watched The Worlds Fastest Indian twice in the last few weeks. But he wasn't an indian, he was from New Zealand. :s He did make friends with an indian though.

What a Great story - very inspiring. I hope I'm that energetic and full of piss and vinegar when I'm in my 80's! :D
Worlds Fastest Indian was great!!! Those were the days...if it broke you could fix it with gum and a paper clip (maybe some tape), didn't need computers and expensive software. I've heard On any Given Sunday was really good but haven't seen it yet.
I'm here in Ohio and have only been able to ride a couple times in the last couple months. I watch Wild Hogs almost every week. It's helping me get through the winter. I heard there is talk about a second Wild Hogs. I really hope so, there was great chemistry between the actors, and the riding scenes were great.
on any sunday has to be the one to beat. closly followed by worlds fastest indian. easy rider good but as already stated the ending could be better. here is my list

1 on any sunday

2 worlds fastest indian

3 quadrophenia

4 no limit( the legend george formby at the tt races)

5 easy rider( would be higher if better ending)
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1. On Any Sunday (Triple DVD Box Set) which has
(a) On Any Sunday
(b) On Any Sunday Re-visited
(c) Motocross, Malcolm & More.

2. Electraglide in Blue (Great Movie)

3. Easy Rider

4. Mad Max (The First one and only one for me)

5. Wild Hogs (Good Fun Movie)

6. The Long Way Round (McGregor & Boorman)
A discusting representation of the life I choose to lead...I hate when bikers are shown with the image shown in Beyond the Law...

As for best Movie I would have to say the 1 scene in The Great Escape w/ Steve McQueen runnin those hills,,,

I know what your sayin. It's true, and a great Movie.

You can drive a Cadillac with out putting a body in the trunk, But you can't act like they don't have the rep for it.

It's a good movie that depicts the 1% lifestyle. Not the recreational motorcycle Anthusiast.

Another good one is Streets of Fire.