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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by murf, Nov 13, 2010.

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    I recently registered on another forum that I had read about and thought I might get some input/ideas for my bike. First off, the forum wasn't nearly as specific in it's selection of topics. Secondly, I didn't realize how much I enjoyed the " foul language " ban here. Needless to say the other forum had no such restraint. Then I was checking out the replies to a topic and saw this guy's album, which was posted along with his reply. Looked like some man's adult magazine spread. If I wanted that, which I don't, I'd buy a magazine. Really makes me appreciate this forum. Thank you HD Talking.
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    Well put murf


    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Thanks you...with the advent of graphics and texting the English language is being used less in less in voice and written word. I like being able to say my mind, but not use foul language to make a point...just my opinion. There are also helpful feature links you can add to make your posts even better. Go to the Ispell website and it will add a simple spell check utility and it is free. Quality is what we strive for here at HDTimeline...:D
  4. dbmg

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    That is why this is THE BEST ON THE NET. And all the hard work of the moderators.
  5. Dr.Evil

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    It's not so much the lack of bad language I noticed here, but the lack of post bashing that drew me to this site, like no other I have I have experienced. There have only been a few threads that have gone too long, and they are soon forgotten and replaced with quality commentary. This site could be about laying bricks, and it would still be the best. The fact that it is about Harley Davidson is just the icing on the cake.
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    I have seen many post here on the forum that echo the same theme. We all enjoy the opportunity to interact without reprisal. This forum gives us not only the interaction but the security to do so in harmony with many different cultures who share our passion for motorcycles and riding. People who want not only to ride but to maintain their rides. I marvel at the amount knowledge that comes together here, I also marvel at how freely this knowledge is given. Thank you HDTALKING for allowing me to be a member.
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    I too am registered on another forum and much prefer this forum just because of the language ban. Once I have some extra money I will contribute to this forum.

    I also would like to think all the moderators on this site for work they do keeping this forum clean.
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    I couldn't say it better than HDDon. Well said Don. I can curse with the best of 'em but I don't want to come to a site where it quickly escalates into a personality clash where the informative topics take a back seat to one upmanship. The mods here keep it civil and on topic and I for one appreceate that effort.
    And here's a laugh, I bought a nice Canon camera last year and I wanted to learn more about it so I joined a photography forum. Well one guy there derided my inquiry and made reference that I shouldn't tick him off ( language cleaned up :D ) as he was in a bad mood. I thought to myself " Here I am a member of a HD motorcycle forum where the guys respect one in other. A Harley Forum with harley men & woman who are purported to be these big bad bikers, and their not. They are decent human beings, and I find my self on a Photography Forum and there's jerks to be found there! I had to laugh at that.
    BTW, I replied to him with a diatribe that a drunkin' sailor would be proud of!! :s
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    DITTO all of the above...I find many other forums quikly desend into a slagging match,with no gain or pleasure whatsoever. Well done moderators,great job!!!
  10. glider

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    Thanks Murf for this post.

    There's no need to post language to get a point across like some do, to me it just reinforces the fact that they either want to be noticed and need attention or they aren't well educated.
    Since the implementation and enforcement of the "no language" rule, we have lost quite a few members but they weren't the type of members that make up a quality forum like HDTimeline.
    There are still those that join and have to make a big fuss about not being able to cuss on the forum which they soon realize that they either stop or they are removed from the membership list.

    Not very hard to understand.