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    Im heading to the cost for a nice ride with me ,going down the road 50mph on a 4 lane foad in the left lane with a jeep on my right and clear road ahead and all of a sudden someone started to turn left into my path....No time to even hit brakes.....I yanked my bike to the right just missing the jeep.....Thank god the car stoped half way in my lane...I could feel the air on my leg from his right frunt bumper ..I kid you not... I was a bit shook up but kept riding on my way....While on the coast I stoped and looked at a new truck.....I could sell my bike pay it off and sell the truck I have and be riding a new F350 SD..XLT....I need a new truck more than a bike and after today I dont know...I still like riding my bike but i dont love it like most of you...Im not saying I made up my mind but If I was smart I would not have spent 17,000.00 on a bike when my truck is 12 years old..What a day...Oh...Mabe I need a nother ride...:)Let the bashing begen...:p

    Sorry.....I dont want to die,,,and I do like riding my moter cye
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    Sorry to hear about your close call. Unfortunately we all have them from time to time. This is the way I look at it. My kids are all grown and gone. I am pushing 60 and my wife and I both enjoy riding both by our selves and with close friends. Now, that being said, I would rather buy the farm doing something I really enjoyed than be an old man lying in a nursing home somewhere hoping someone would come change my diaper. Don't get me wrong. I hope to live to a ripe old age but not like I just described....Just my thoughts.
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    This was the first time I have come that close....Not a good feeling...I gess joe what your saying is if im going to ride, this kind of stuff will hapten....I had supper and thought about it and I gess I never should have started this post ..I just dont know what I can do about the fact I dont think he saw me at first...Oh well
  4. HDDon

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    Mat there are a lot of us out here that know how you feel. There are also a lot of members who have not had that close call yet. We all know the dangers of riding, but most of the time we just don't want that thought to ruin a good ride. There are so many things that can go wrong in everyday life, and people that don't ride cannot understand why we would add to that uncertainty by climbing on a "donercycle". Like the Tshirt says "If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand". Keep your eyes open, watch for distracted drivers and ride safe. Don
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    Ooh you put the hard question on us didn't ya. So glad you were not hurt Mat. I only have a few things to say.

    1. A Fatboy is such a neat bike.

    2. My truck is 23 yrs old (1988) 157,0xx miles. I spend about $700 a yr on it for repairs. I have NO truck payments.

    3. Riding a motorcyle does in fact risk death, especially with some folks blind spots on their mirrors, others just plain negligent etc etc.

    4. If you love riding motorcycles (and I think you do) then if you take that away, there is another kind of death that is a little slower, but just as deadly.

    5. You could very well sell the bike and be safer driving a truck everywhere. But would you enjoy life as much ?

    6. You could (possibly) forgo a bad injury that cripples you for life by selling the bike. But I was nearly paralyzed in 1996 with a broken neck WHILE I WAS DRIVING A TRUCK, by some idiot that ran a red lite. You just never know.

    You have presented the scenario that we all must answer individually.
    Sorry I couldn't word it more political correct or positive palatable. Hope you don't loose too much sleep deciding. Take care buddy.
  6. harley@16

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    You have to do what's right for you, park the bike for awhile and let the choice come to you peacefully. Remember all the fun you had on it, that may be enough for now.
  7. glazier

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    Glad you made it out of that jam safely. It obviously was not your time. When it is, there's no cheating the grim reaper. Can't hide from him, can't lie to him, and can't negotiate with him. (actually it's probably a her). I had a close call this morning too, but we're both still here to tell about it, and that's what counts. :D
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    I firmly believe when its your time, its your time. That being said. I'll tell on myself.
    I ride a motorcycle, so I know people don't see "us". Period.
    A week ago, I looked left, "right" and then back left, as you are supposed to when making a left turn. It was CLEAR. Then I pulled out in front of a HD full dresser.
    The guy was madder then all get out, as he should've been. I followed with blinking headlights and he pulled over ready for a fight. I got out with my hands up saying I was sorry. I explained, I looked but didn't see you, and I ride a bike. Everything calmed down, we shook hands and he rode off to Missouri.
    Even if you ride, and you know what to look for, you still miss the bike coming. I now take even longer to look for bikes, because of this experience.
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    No bashing here, Mat. We can understand your second guessing the decision to ride after a close call. We're all very glad to hear it wasn't a collision and, other than your nerves, that your OK physically.

    I've had a few close calls over the years, not as close as yours by the sound of it, and haven't yet did the second guessing. It just reminded me to be ever the more vigilant. One thing I did change after a few close calls was to drive with my high beam on all the time during the daylight hours. I noticed alot of oncomming traffic would do questionable passes when I rode with low beams on. That was drastically reduced when I changed to high beam all the time.

    At night (I avoid riding at night if I can) my spots are on with the low beams just to make me that much more visible.

    Tank has a great suggestion with adding the spots.
  10. glgarrett

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    Ride on, mat 60!!! :bigsmiley11: