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Gotta love riding in Texas. This last weekend it was a wonderful 80 degress and the weather was perfect. Took my bike down to the valley for it's 5000 mile service and enjoyed the ride back Saturday so much. Glad I don't live up North somewhere and can't ride. Well wish everyone could have the weather we have most of the time. Good riding to all that can.:bigsmiley8:
Its been great so far! Burned a few hundred miles off this past weekend running some counties along the Red River in North Texas. Definitely gotta love it!

Hey CoyDog, where was that pic taken?

I usually head southwest of DFW when riding, but have been discovering more and more north of here lately.
Was on the square in St. Jo, TX off Highway 82 at about 4:30 pm this past Saturday. Was heading to Nocona for the night riding out of Dallas.
We were riding mainly Montague County which has some awesome roads. The area is called the "Hill Country of North Texas." There are also some ghost towns up there with alot of history in the area.

Looking at a map, KEY roads are 373 from Meunster, 677, 2953 and 103 into Nocona, TX.

From DFW, its a nice day trip or alot of times, we stay the night in Nocona at the Nocona Inn ($52 per night).

Am hoping to make time this weekend to post a more detailed Ride Report in the Texas section of this forum!

By the way, The Stonewall Saloon in the picture was the LAST Saloon / Brothel on the Chisolm Cattle Trail from Texas to Abilene, Kansas in the 1870's. It is said to have been one WILD place!
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I just Moved from Texas to Kansas, Today its snowing like crazy and freezing. I sure wish I was home, atleast for the weather anyway.
Wow, CoyDog, looks like a great ride! I live out by TMS on the Denton/Tarrant county line which isn’t far from there at all. If you’re ever looking for someone to ride that way, let me know.