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  1. mangiacavallo

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    so i have a vivid black FLHRC.
    at the end of the tank, where the seat meats the metal -- and slightly on the side of the tank where knees sometimes rest -- there are these pesky "rub" marks. not horrible but the kind of thing that drive me nuts 'cause i want the paint to look like new at all times.
    what would you use to get rid of those spots on the clear coat? and don't say Pledge, 'cause i've tried it and it doesn't do it. nor does pig spit or swirl remover. i also tried rubbing in some wax & buffing it ... but no go.
    i use Pledge all the time but i need something different in this instance.
    any ideas?

    cheers ...
  2. glider

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    Try to find some pre softened KIT car wax in the can. It's a yellow and red flat can like the old simonize cans were. Rub it in good and it will bring up the shine again. Better to use this than polishing compound that can damage the paint if you aren't careful.
  3. whatyardwork

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    I know the area of which you speek.It drives me nuts too.I have a 3" air polishing tool I use for that with a mild rubbing compound.Any accomplished detailer can get that out for you at a very reasonable price.

    I would not recomend trying to buff them out yourself if you have no expierience using a buffer.You can burn through very fast and cause more harm than good.
  4. wv2wheel

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    I had a little of that on my Pearl Black. I had some Victory M/C branded wax/polish that said is was for swirl mark removal....very very light polish (but more abrasive than just wax)....anyway, I used a little of that which did the job perfectly and then I put a few strategic pieces of the 3M paint coverage tape at the end of the tank where the seat meets and where my electric vest connector comes out from under the seat and sometimes touches the tank....so far so good.
  5. ChopperDoc

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    Another product you might want to try is "Road Rub". It is primarily used to remove boot marks and discoloration on exhaust pipes. They don't recommend it, but we have used it to remove windshield scratches and also these rub marks and fine scratches in clear coat. We met the inventor a long time ago when the product was in the development stage - I see now that it has been bought out by Meguires so it obviously was a good idea. Just Bing or Google "Road Rub" and you will find a number of suppliers.

    In my opinion it is one of those "must haves" for your cleaning kit.
  6. jody7734

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    You can use 3M™ Perfect-It™ 3000 Swirl Mark Remover and a Perfect-It Foam Polishing Pad. You will need an 8" buffer for the pad. This is what show car guys use on black cars in particular.
  7. Grillfish

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    I have the same marks. I think it's from the seams on my jeans rubbing. Other than getting some sort of tank bra, I'll try the suggestions above. I even have extended floorboards that moved my feet out an 1", but still have issues.

    Ride safe and have fun!
  8. eyemansfm

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    Mcguires makes a product not sure but I think its called scratch remover or something like that. It's just a fine polishing compound. I had rub marks from the stock seat when I switched to a mustang that was narrower in the front.This stuff works well, be patient,lots of rubbing. The marks on my tank are completely gone. Good luck
  9. RobertHyde

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    Google G27 Scratch remover. Works well on clearcoat. An excellent metal polish as well. I too have the same problem. Took my seat off yesterday and the chrome tank console panel is all scratched up and on the frame where the seat must hit. I think I bought it at Wally's World?
  10. flh canuck

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    My 2008 Electraglide has a beautiful tu-tone blue and black paint scheme. I was also getting tired of all the swirl marks and light scratches in the clear coat of my painted surfaces that have resulted from 27,000 kms and three years of normal wear and tear.

    My clear coat looked so scuffed on the front of my fairing (especially the black painted areas) that I was seriously thinking I might have to get it repainted.

    After reading this thread, I decided to see if I could clean things up a bit myself and invested some cash in a decent machine polisher and foam pads. The rep at my local paint and body supply shop also recommended a polish called Autoglym 02B Ultrafine Renovator for use on my clear coat.

    After googling a few sites to get some instruction on power polishing, I gave it a try. I was absolutely amazed at the results, especially on my fairing which was really bad. Scuffs and swirl marks are all gone and the finish looks like a mirror. Probably looks better now that it did when it left the factory.

    My total investment in materials and equipment was about 200 bucks but the results were worth every penny.

    Some advice it you are going to try this:

    -ensure you use decent equipment and finishing products.

    -take your time.

    -there are lots of videos on youtube that show you proper techniques etc.

    -use caution as you can also do a lot of damage very quickly if you do this wrong. The clear coat finish is very thin and you can potentially burn it or polish through it if you are not careful....

    -that being said, if you do it right, you will be amazed at the results.