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Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by Ishmael, Dec 30, 2010.

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    Once again I'll beg your indulgence as a new rider and ask your collective advice. Like most people I have no problem shifting gears by sound and the seat of my pants (feel). BUT, I like the looks of a tach and its another piece of instrumentation to monitor the bikes engine well being. So, does anyone have a photo of a tach you've mounted, advice on brands, degree of difficulty wiring it in? I'm a body mechanic and more comfortable suturing wounds, setting bones, etc. than I am clipping wires and removing parts of bikes so I'll probably have this done by a dealership or bike mechanic, but I'd welcome advice, brand referrals, and especially photos of the finished mount. Thanks for your help and putting up with a novice.
    PS The bike is a 2000 Fatboy if that makes any difference
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    I would pick one out that I liked in J&P and just follow the instructions. It will be pretty simple. And a great way to get started on your own wrenching
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    Have a look in the att. HD website. They have nice looking sets, and easy to install kits. Not cheap, but compatable.
    P.S. Do you get woozy when you see an oil leak, or a dented fender? :D I could never work on a living body, can't even watch on tv.
    ElectronicsGaugesConsoles | Harley-Davidson USA
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    Heh, Heh. I'm a PA (Physician Assistant) and therefore get to do lots of scut work like suturing, especially when I worked Emergency Medicine. Blood, guts and assorted gore never bothered me. The only time I almost lost it was when an alcoholic was bleeding into his stomach and vomiting, also bleeding into his gut and having diarrhea. Drunk at the time and flinging it all over the place. The smell almost made me toss my cookies. It was indescribeably rank. But the thought of taking my bike apart and not getting it back together properly scares the heck out of me. I'm taking baby steps, changing fluids, checking adjustments, etc. Mentally I'm still pretty sharp at 64 so I'm hoping I can learn to do my own wrenching a little at a time. Thanks for the reply and a great New Year to you Breeze, and all who replied. Is this a great site or what!

    Ismael, PhD, PA-C, but still in elementary school in the H-D world :)

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    Entertaining post Ismael...have to say I still get a little jittery when going around that big white building...but the H-D world is certainly a "warmer" place and certainly with a lot of friends here, and a nicer/quieter patient than you've experienced. But then the physicians' worst nightmare is the "silent" non-cooperative patient, so your H-D will speak to you in volumes..."if" you are real nice...!:s

    Oh yeah, the addition of the tach can be done in a number of ways...some like a separate one, but they ALSO have the combined ones that fit in the same spot as your speedometer, retaining all the built in features of the OEM one...diagnostics, dual odometer, etc. so look around in the H-D Parts & Accessory catalog...it is "FREE" at your local MOCO dealer...but it "CAN" still cost you...:D
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    Very nice set up from the MOCO, you can change the back lighting on these kind of spendy but they fit right out of the box:s
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    Harley make a Digital speedo/Analogue tacho that should fit your bike.Part no.74717-10.Just punch that in the Harley accessories book--

    Fitted two to 2 of our 2008 bikes;Fatboy and a Deluxe.
    Works well and the tach needle is very visible as it sweeps around the outer edge of the gauge.
    Piece of cake for you to fit too.Seriously.
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    You've heard the old saying, "Even a blind squirrel (that would be me) finds an acorn once in a while". I was talking to a buddy of mine telling him what I was planning to do when he says, "You know, I have one of those that was given to me several years ago that I never installed, you can have it if you want it". Its a new speedo/tach unit that will drop right into my Fatboy. Sounds like a good beginning for 2011. Happy New Year H-D Talkers and thanks for all the good info.
    Ishmael :D
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  10. Ishmael

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    That's the one. Looks good. According to the installation instructions it is an easy plug and run. Thanks.