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  1. dogdad

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    As careful as I try to be washing my bike,,I seem to have the swirl marks. I always wash the paint first before any other part just so I don't have a gritty or dirty cloth on the paint. I have the copper-black colors and have noticed it on the black. Do you guys have this happen. I know there are swirl mark removers ,,but don't feel like I should have to use those removers every time. Anything you guys do while cleaning so not to get these marks? I also use a new cloth each time I wash my bike, blow it off , then wipe it with a soft cloth for the excess water.
  2. dogdad

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    Haven't used a wax on it.
  3. whatyardwork

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    What kind of clothe or mit do you use when washing your scoot.Unfortunatly black as you know shows everything.It sounds like the mit or clothe you are using is causing the problem.As Smitty suggested micro fiber works well or a terry clothe.For washing you may try a soft sponge for the paint rather than the old mit.
  4. clay

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    i washed cars for a liveing for about 2 years and im sorry to tell you that black is jsut a awfull color when it comes to showing marks and small paint defects. but smitty is on the right track try his apporch to washing your bike. but look for a good wax if you want to try and cover stuff up. you want a nice thick way anything runny is jsut a waste of money
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    Black T-cut color Fast...:D
  6. STEVE07

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    It worked for me ,I find that I'm using GLIDER'S SHINE for everything
  7. sharpscuba

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    I agree ..Glider shine is the choice for my 07.
  8. dogdad

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    Ok going to Sam's Club in the morning,,,hopefully they"ll have the "value pack " of Pledge so I can try it.
  9. lightning

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    I have a black car and Clay is right it's terrible when it comes to leaving swirls in the paint. The best thing I’ve found is simply going over it lightly with wax. Do not use polish it has a light abrasive and will only make more swirls/scratches. Any average car wax will take the swirls out. Another trick is to apply and remove the wax in a forward to aft direction and not in a circular motion; it’s harder to notice imperfections that way.
    Light waxing doesn’t have to be a big laborious job, 20 min. is all it should take to do just the painted surfaces and it will protect your paint much better than furniture polish.
  10. glider

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    I found a product called Black Magic made by Blue coral that is no longer made. It is a Teflon base product #40017 that repels dust and makes any color paint shine like it's wet. A rag just slides right off the hood after using this product. Bird droppings and stains just don't have a chance to stick.
    I was disappointed when I could no longer find the product on the store shelves so I contacted the company and in Shreveport Louisiana, I found 33 cases of this product in a warehouse and I have very shiny vehicles now.:D
    I ended up buying all 33 cases of the Black Magic and they threw in free delivery just for buying the lot.

    Now that's customer satisfaction IMO !