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  1. FLST

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    The other day I was reading a thread from a member that had been stung by a bee, and the replies from others who had had it happen to them. I was thinking, I'm sure glad that hasn't happened to me.
    Well, the bee community must have gotten wind of my thoughts. Was riding down a lazy country road enjoying a wonderful day when somehow the little fellow got past my windshield and lodged between my right ear and the strap on my half helmet. Being a bee he (or she) did what bees do; stung my ear. Boy! that hurt. My ear burned for several hours afterward. I'm in the club now. Not one I wanted to be in, but that's biking.
  2. Hoople

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    And all you can call it is a "little fellow"? The 1st time that happen to me, I pulled off to the side of the road, grabbed him out of my helmet and stomped him into the ground.:D
  3. dbmg

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    How about some type of dragon fly, that while riding stings you in the forehead, enduring the pain while finding a safe spot to stop, and you can see him trying to pull away but does not go till you swat him. Or a bee fly up your pant leg why going around a great corner and commences to sting numerous times. Or the best one was 1st a black cat crosses in front of you and not being superstitious but, then a mile down the road you see a low flying black bird and wonder how this is going to end. Well it hit the windshield and came in between windshield and mirror and smacked on the right side of the face.. "OUCH" The spice of riding and what makes memories..
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    Being stung is kinda like dropping your bike. Not a matter of if, just a matter of when.:D
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    I was going to say that like falling there are two types of riders, those stung and those that are going to be. I have been stung several times but dbmg seems to after some type of record.
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    Yep had one fly up my right sleeve once. It stung me and I commenced to hitting my arm a million time trying to kill it while still riding. Other drivers probably thought I was an idiot. Anyways about 50 miles later I'm getting gas and I get off and when I lower my arm to my side that bee drops on to the ground and starts walking away. I couldn't believe it lived.
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    You let him go free didn't you?:)
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    While 2 up my wife had a Wasp get stuch in her collar and stung her a few times.s she's screaming and I'm pulling over ahe jumps off the bike and burns her pants on the pipes. she wasn't happy, so to make her feel better I tried to suck the sting out and it worked!!! Well she thought it worked..
  9. Iceman24

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    I'm a member...had one fly up into FF helmet & zapped my chin. Definitely gets your attn.
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    Yep. Not if, but when!!

    When I was back in college, I had a honey bee hit me in the chest and then fall down between my left leg and the gas tank. Well, it did not take out its vengence on the tank!! Of course, they die for the cause, but I had a great big burning welt on my inner thigh for a couple of day.

    It's one of those things you have to try to ignore while you are trying to get the bike slowed down and out of traffic before you can respond!!