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    I have a stripped torx screw on my primary cover. The HD wants 70 bucks to take it out and replace it. If I can do this myself i would like to but dont want to bugger it up any futher and I dont want to push any metal shavings in the primary by drilling it out. Any thoughts on what i might do?
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    Buy an easy-out kit and follow the instructions carefully and you should have no problems. Good Luck:)
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    Use the same size bit as the screw or the next step up and drill just enough to drill the head off. Take the cover off and the screw should come out by hand unless you have lock tight on it, in that case use a soldering iron to heat it up a little and soften the lock tight. I don't believe those screws bottom out.
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    Do a Google search on "How to extract stripped Torx screws" and you'll get a bunch of different ideas on how to accomplish this. From there take the best alternative. Good luck.
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    Thanks guys!
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    Whichever method or combination of methods you use, it's probably still a good idea to change your primary fluid when you're done. You'll probably have the cover off anyway so just drain and refill!
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    I have found this to be the easiest way. If whats left of the screw is alittle tight, a small vise grip on the stub should get it right out!:)
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    do you mean "primary cover" or do you mean the "derby cover"? If H-D is charging 70 bucks that should tell you it's a pretty easy job because that's less than an hour of labor.
    you got good advice already, but when you get it fixed don't forget to make sure your using a torx #27 and not a #25.
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    Here's a compilation of ideas, techniques for dealing with a stripped Derby cover bolt that I've found from a variety of forums. Hope this helps:

    My Stripped Derby Screw Ordeal (Torx T-27) (LONG POST)


    This past Sunday I decided to put synthetic in all three holes (Engine, Transmission, Primary). So, I dropped the Engine and the Transmission. I removed the derby cover then got pulled into something else. I replaced the derby cover, screws and washers and went elsewhere.

    I came back and filled the engine and transmission with fluid.

    The engine was cold so I took her for a spin to finish part 3 of the job the primary.

    So far so good, right?

    Well, I get the bike back to the workshop and start removing the derby screws. I stripped 3 of them in the process! 3 out of 5!!! I don't know what happened. I was using a quality T-27 bit. Maybe the heat softened up the screws.

    I get the feeling that this is gonna get ugly so I call my local stealer and ask them if they have chrome Allen headed derby cover screws.

    Yes, we have them. They are $14... Hmm... that sounds kinda low for the stealer, but I drive the 33 miles to get them only to find out that the person on the phone didn't actually go to look to verify that they had them. His lazy (EDIT) just told me some (EDIT)and refused to face me when I asked for him by name to clear up the issue. So I went home with the chrome Torx screws.

    So, I get home and grab my drill and extractor kit. I drill, tap, start to back out and proceed to break the tips off extractors #1 in one screw and then #2 in another. Huh?

    So, now I've got two screws that are stuffed with hard extractor bit metal.

    So, I turn to the Dremel and slot the heads with attachment #420. The screwdriver fits in there perfectly, but the screws won't budge.


    I'm not a wimpy dude but I couldn't get ANY play here. I tried everything. Using an adjustable wrench for leverage, soaking it with WD-40 and letting it sit, etc.


    So then I go for the Craftsman Hand Impact Driver (
    ) thinking, "okay you little tramp... you want to play rough? I'ma show you rough."
    The (EDIT) impact driver can't move these things.
    All three screws feel like they are soldered on there.
    In fact, I start to wonder if somebody was playing a Krazy Glue prank on me.
    Now I'm (EDIT) but there's NO WAY that I'm gonna pay anyone to fix this for me.
    So, back to the Dremel. I've got to get real drastic. I run down to Home Depot and buy 2 Dremel attachments (#8193). The sanding stone.
    I'm thinking I'll grind the head all the way down to the washer and slip the garbage out.I start grinding one screw and I have success. But I also wore the Dremel attachment down to a nub. I also wore open the derby dimple where the screw sits. I didn't care. I just wanted the thing off.
    So I ran back to Home Depot and bought 2 more just before closing. I figure that if I am using 1 per bolt then having one extra won't hurt.
    I'm sitting there, sparks flying. It's 90-something degrees outside and I'm cursing up a storm.
    In the end it all worked out. I ground the heads down and backed out the nubs by hand.
    But I messed up my derby cover. It's all gouged near the screw holes. So, now I need to go over to my local dealer and buy a new derby cover tomorrow. I'm also on the hunt for Allen headed derby cover bolts. I'm THROUGH with Torx.

    I had the same problem with a friends bike. I drilled the head of the screw off then I was able to take the cover off. Using a micro torch I heated up around what was left of the screw(1/4" or so) and was able to use pliers to unscrew them. Try this if you run into this problem again

    If you have an Ace Hardware store nearby they have chrome allen head bolts as well as a great assortment of others ,I went there after cutting slots in a friends cover to get his off so I got rid of the torx bolts on the cover and have not had any more problems with the derby cover

    Been there, done that! If memory serves, I stripped 2 out of 5 the first time I pulled my derby. Actually, I was lucky, they didn't strip, the heads snapped off. So I was able to remove the derby cover and put a small vice-grips on the remaining threads to get them out. I think Lou Ferrigno must be installing the derby covers at the factory.

    i've done 4 fluid changes, and changed out the derby cover on my bike. no problems. but, you must use anti-seize when you put it back on, and torque it to spec. its not like its a high pressure seal, so you don't have to torque it to gargantuan specs. if i remember correctly, its somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 ft/lbs.....

    Did the same thing on my bike. Those torx heads are junk. I just drill the head off the stripped ones. Popped the derby cover off and the screw threads came out by hand.

    I've had a few strip like you describe, and I found an easy way of getting them out. Take a small punch or chisel and mount it at one of the grade 8 marks on the bolt head, pointing toward a CCW movement. IOW, if the mark is at 10am point the chisel downward but at enough of an angle so you can get a bite on the bolt head. Tap the chisel with a hammer and it should move CCW, at which point it should come out easily. It won't look pristine after that, but it should come out.

    Soon thereafter I took a ride to my local Ace Hardware store and bought five ΒΌ-20 5/8" chrome Allen screws for $10. Haven't any problem with these yet.

    The next time this happens( Hopefully it won't) Take a soldering iron and heat up that screw tills it's good and hot. If there is any Loctite on the screw it will break it down and the screw should come out. I have tried this many times with all types of screws and it has worked every time.

    Please read and understand the info in this link...

    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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