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  1. Gas Gauge

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    scrounger, I was reading your string about "garage sessions" HD Talking Garage Session - Harley Davidson Community and it alluded to an idea that RichardS had put out there in a previous string about assisting stranded forum members.

    I certainly don't want to steal RichardS's thunder or Shanghai his idea, and I would hope he takes the reins on this because he did such a good job with the "Scam Busters", but I figured I'd give this idea a nudge and see where it goes. With a lot of members currently taking or planning road trips, this might come in handy if they are going through your neck of the woods and need help. I know many of our profiles don't indicate where a person is located, so you never know who's neck of the woods you may be in.

    Please put me on the top of the list for tools, (I can gain access to a trailer if needed, but I don't have one myself....yet), a ride to a dealership, bring some minor spare parts to the roadside, gas, oil, bailing wire, tape, zip-ties, nuts & bolts, clamps, etc.

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  2. hobo55

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    I always stop for people I don't know so I would surely want to be in on some sort of a "help" list. Meet a lot of good people this way.
  3. HDDon

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    Add me to the list for north Fl, south Ga. Tools, parts, trailer, place to stay while bike is in the shop, go look at a prospective buy. All this sounds good but out on the road access to the internet might not be to easy. Maybe we need a thread so that you can print out home and cell #'s before you leave home.
  4. ultrat

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    I would be happy to help in the michiana area''''
  5. futurerider

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    Count me in Maryland, not much of a roadside mechanic, but I can supply tools, rides area knowlege etc.

    Just an idea;
    When preparing for a trip, post states, towns or areas you expect to be in with an idea of days and or times. Interested members can send phone numbers and thier aproximate area of coverage. If the need arrises a phone call to the closest member willing to help will start the ball rolling. A ride, parts, tools or what ever is needed and can be supplied by the interested member. This could also help with access to the intenet and the vast knowledge available on HDT.
    Like I said, just and idea.
  6. Gas Gauge

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    And a great one at that!
  7. fin_676

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    Sounds like a great idea i myself am will to help out anyone i can that gets into problems in my part of scotland
    However having a list of telephone numbers covering specific areas could leave the owner of the telephone numbers open to abuse by spammers and cold callers if there numbers were available on the site
    As we try to look after the personal security of all forum members it would be very difficult to manage with good security for forum personell
    Perhaps the best method to have assistance on any trip would be to pre advertise your trip on the site and ask any prospective assisters to pm you their contact details
    If you leave a telephone number visable in a post the moderators will remove it

  8. Crazyfrog

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    I live just north of Cincinnati, OH. Keep me in mind if you need tools, (enough to do most maintenance), a bike jack, and a trailer.
  9. jwinks

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    I'd sure be willing to help here in Central Wisconsin. Truck, trailer w/ramp & straps and tools to get most stuff running again. Just will not drive past a stranded vehicle be it a car, truck or bike.
  10. roadking01

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    I'm in the Los Angeles / San Bernardino, Southern Californina area, I can help out with tools, and simple roadside repairs.