Starting bike before light go out on speedometer

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Rat665, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Rat665

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    Started bike yesterday before ecm could finish its while lights still on in speedometer. Thats when speedo stopped working, all lights on instrument panel works fine. Even odometer numbers are shown but do not move when riding. Plus auto cancel of blinkers do not work either, pulled speed sensor and showed little to no shavings on the end of it. By starting bike to soon could this cause the speedo stop working correctly????. If so how do I fix this problem....Plz help me, I'm gettn pretty desperate. Thanks for any advice you all give....
  2. pigrider

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    I've heard that not using kill switch to shut down engine before turning off key and not letting ecm do it's thing before you try to start has the possibility of stray electrons running around screwin things up. Some swear that it's not possible but I've always used my kill switch and let the ecm time out before starting and not had any problems. I hate chaseing electrons, especially stray ones. I read somewhere on here that there is a way to clear it by cycling the key switch X amount of times but don't know the proper proceedure. I tend to read alot but unless it's something that I personnaly don't have a use for I fail to retain all the facts.
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    Very seldom use the kill switch & probably never wait for the light to go out, going to turn 90,000 tomorrow. Good luck on your gremlin.

  4. FerrousBueller

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    I've lit off my bike a couple of times before lights go out on speedo a couple of times while in a hurry. No problems so far, but, I would prefer to let ECM do all of it's pre-flight checks before hitting the starter button.

    This is just a guess, are there any fuses popped? Have you disconnected the battery so the bike might do a complete reset?
  5. TearkessTom

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    When in doubt, Re-Boot. Check all you fuses and pull the main fuse or disconnect the battery for a few minutes. Pulling the main fuse is easier.

    Also check your trouble codes. I believe you push the milage reset button while switching the ignition switch to on or acc. Release the button then you can cycle through the codes. Write down the code # and do google search.

    You can clear the code by holding the button down again. If it is non reoccurring it will not return. if it return you have to trace it down. Good thing is after the code is displayed it will give you the part # that needs replacing.

    Hope this helps
  6. glider

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    The part number that is displayed isn't the part number that needs replacing, it's the part number of the module.
  7. sargie62

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    I had this happen to my bike and I had to replace the speed sensor. After doing this everything worked again. The self cancelling feature of the signal lights depend on feedback from the sensor.
  8. RibEye

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    One of the first rules of science: "Correlation does not necessitate causation."

    It is maddening, but the starting cycle you speak of, while it occured synchronously with the problem, is not likely the cause of the problem. I think the engine light timing has more to do with getting the IAC (Idle Air Control) stepper motor into proper position, that it does with actual ECM/Speedo boot-up.

    Speed sensor, or associated wiring and connector contacts, is the common element to your symptoms. Some elements are up to the speedo alone, while some have to do with ECM, but both need input from the speed sensor to do their thing...speed sensor is my vote. Could be supply voltage to the sensor as well, so check for fuse condition.

    Good luck,
    Rich P
  9. Hoople

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    Seriously doubt it. If you were post 2005, I would say "no way". I agree with Sargie62. You may want to check for a code, test the speed sensor or just replace it. I don't have a lot of confidence in the early diagnostics written for your year bike. Testing or replacing the sensor would be my 1st & 2nd choice.
  10. gjeffers

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    i have started mine a couple of times before the light goes out and it has backfired both times like its not timed right. dont do that no more!....06 roadking.