Starter Issues 09 Road king

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BuffaloBill, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. BuffaloBill

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    Hey guys
    I have always had starter binding issues since day 1 With the 09 Road King purchase new in 2010 but this morning it was really bad Has anyone experienced this issue I took it to the Dealer and he states that it is out of warranty by 12 days
    How hard id this repair


    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    The key to good starting is very clean and solid electrical connections. It also requires a very good battery as the V-twin has lots of compression, heavy rotating mass and starter system draws lots of current...stock battery is supposed to be 250CCA to give you an idea.

    Please detail your problem, is the starter "dragging", does the starter solenoid engage the clutch gear without slipping or does it sound like it is not engaging, the starter "free running". Does the engine turn, but sound like it is not getting fuel (low or no fuel line EFI pressure)...

    Remember there is a lot of drive train drag, even if the clutch lever is pulled in, due to wet clutch oil film in between plates. Also you may be "wet sumping" meaning the oil tank check valve may be leaking so oil goes where it causes additional drag, or fuel flooding may be filling cylinders causing a bit of hydro-lock at startup.

    That said go thru a sequence, load test the battery, scrape and clean all connections up to the starter, if any of the connections are warm or hot to the touch you may have found the bad connection.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Roger what NEWHD said, it could be as simple as a bad comp sprocket also, that said 12 days out of warranty really, I would try 1 more time with the Manager and explain this has been an on going problem. There have been problems with some clutch hub ring gears and starter bolts coming loose, if your dealer is any good they can GOOD will the service for you with a phone call, Good Luckl
  4. BuffaloBill

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    As i mentioned on my original post tis has been an Issue since I purchased the Bike new in 2010 but has gotten progressivly worse Alay told that the sound was normal when I bought it in for service I belive it is the Comp sprocket As far as good connection and battery they are fine
    Resurching the internet i believe that i will purchase the SE Compnsator and replace it that should solve my problem As far as Warranty i feel that It should be covered ut Thats the Service managers call

    Thank you for the advice
  5. Jeff Klarich

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    I'd complain to the manager seeing you had it in for the problem while it was covered under warranty and they didn't fix it. :newsmile055:
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  6. Jack Klarich

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    Call customer service at the MOCO see if you can get results, I have called out on several dealers and got Good results:s
  7. ironmark

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    The problem was never with the starter, the problem is the direct result of the compensator sprocket. You should have the SE compensator sprocket installed, the SE compensator cost around $250 and the dealer should charge 2 hours to do the repair. You are going to have a tough time getting it covered by warranty when the warranty plans says 2 years that means 2 years and the law is on the side of HD on this one.
  8. jerrybombard

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    I had my HFTSSM replaced by the dealer for free, 2 months after warranty was up. They replaced it, I gave them my CC # and was told to call the MOCO and ask for some help. When I returned the following day, service gave me my reciept and sent me on my way. Give the MOCO a call.
  9. Iceman24

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    While talking w/a service rep a few weeks past a rider just picked-up his EGC & we heard this "horrendous" sound when he hit the starter. Owner stated it was a problem since new & numerous dealerships always said it was "normal" so he just kept dealing w/it. This dealership said to sched a time to bring the bike back because they'll tear it down & look into why it's making the sound (similar to what OP describes)...thought it could be mis-aligned gears in the starter/crank. Hope he got his problem solved & OP should definitely be persistent w/dealership in getting this resolved. If it's one of those "out-of-ordinary" sounds then something's wrong & HD owes you an answer/ matter what the warranty timeline states.
  10. gusotto

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    If you can show you've had this problem in the past and brought the bike in, they can still work on it as you've established there is a problem. Just that they haven't figured out the fix.