Sportster to Fatboy?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by airplaneb777, Mar 27, 2010.

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    I bought my first Harley last year, a 1200 Sportster Custom and I absolutely love it, the more i love it the more that I want to ride longer distances. I am looking at moving up to a bigger bike that would be more comfortable on long rides. My friend is wanting me to get a Road Glide like his, but I test rode one and really didn't like the feel of it. I test rode a Fatboy and loved the feel of it, does anyone have any idea if I buy a Fatboy will it be comfortable on long rides. I am 6 ft tall and weigh about 195 if that helps at all.

    Thanks for any advice you can give me.
  2. airplaneb777

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    What kind of seat did you have on the FB?
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    Great, thanks for the input.
  4. hdrocks

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    I did exactly that, upgraded from Sportster 1200C to 2010 Fat Boy Low. But I can't really say much about how it is on long distance rides since I have not done it. The stock seat seems comfortable, and I love the feel of it when I ride. It seems people who do a lot of long distances tend to go with baggers. I think Fat Boy can also be comfortable in long distance rides but can also handle pretty well with rides around the town, which I tend to do more.
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    Sure you can go long distances on a Fatboy. But if you're planning on doing any serious touring, then do yourself a favor and get a touring model.
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    I have an 06 fatboy and have ridden 150 to 200 miles per day several times and I'm just under 6 ft and way 175 I set very comfortable on the bike. Although the stock seat wasn't to bad upgrading to a Sundowner seat added many more mile of comfort. That being said, I rented a rRoadking when I was in Vegas last year and it was a much more comfortable ride than my Fatboy so if you are planning on a lot of really long rides i would go with a Roadking or one of the other touring bikes and if you plan on doing only an occasional long ride put mostly shorter rides a FB would probably serve you well. But before you make a decision you should test ride or maybe do a day long rental of each.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
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    I'm just curious about when you say long rides. In your opinion how long is a long ride? Only you can decide if your comfortable or not but I have a heritage also and I think it's pretty comfortable.
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    First of all, a 1200C can go everywhere two up: just need to do some mods (seat, suspensions, windshield, saddlebags, etc...).
    It will cost less than buying a new HD and you can ride even more than the minimum threshold of 600 miles by Hobbit! :s

    But this is, let's say, technical: the problem you have is... you want to change your bike! :)

    That's simply the emotional attitude one has when dealing with bikes.

    The suggestion I give to all who are approaching the HD world for the first time is: if you just slightly think to use the bike two up for long (or "not-so-long", according to Hobbit) rides, make an effort and go for the big twin and don't consider the Sportster.

    I say this with a sigh, because the Sportster is a great bike: I had it but needed to change after few months.

    Regarding what to get... it's personal taste: like said above in other posts, test some and choose.

    If money is a problem, I think that a Super Glide Custom with bags and windshield won't be very far from an Heritage or a Fat Boy and you can save a lot of money!:s

    But, once again: getting a bike is an emotion, heart driven more than wise.

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    ugocon stole my thunder...that's what I get for sleeping in today.:s

    Seriously though, might want to simply add some "creature comforts" to your Sporty & save a few $$$. You could start w/a seat ug (Mustang, Corbin, etc.) which really helps for longer rides. Also, the 1200C leans you a bit forward so maybe puttin on a set of pullback bars and windshield to keep the bugs & upper body fatigue at bay. Overall you're looking at ~$800 - 900 for riding upgrades, or if you're set on the FB - not a bad 2nd "high cost" option. Good luck!
  10. buck484

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    Just my opinion but I have had a Sportster and traded to a Fatboy. I loved the Sporty and miss the sheer thrill I would get when in the twisties. The girlfriend wanted to go along, more and more, so I went with the Fatboy. I now love the Fatboy not as much fun on the curves but rides real nice. I take 500-600 mi. rides and feel just fine. Both these bikes and the baggers also do the same thing, they put a smile on your face and get you up in the morning. Just find one you like and ride.