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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by artisan, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. artisan

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    hi guys,long time no see as I have been riding Jap' rice burners for the last 4 years (the shame) but I have now come to my senses & realised what I really want is an H D.
    So I'm going to my dealer on Saturday loaded with a deposit for a nice new Sportster either a Nightster or more likley a 72,the only concern I have for the 72 is how far a tank of gas will get me,anybody know ?
    The dealer has both a matt black & a red flake 72 in stock & I can't decide which i prefer,my wife says the matt black is more manly but the red flake is so purdy,decisions decisions.
  2. AsphaltJunkie

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    It's been awhile since I've done a full day on my sporty but I can get about 130 miles on a 3.2 gallon tank. But considering its an 883 and the way its jetted and piped you can probably do better. And congrats on the new ride

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  3. Iceman24

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    End of driveway & back...:s

    JK - 2.1 gal tank @ ~50mpg should get you shade over 100 miles. Good luck w/the purchase & my vote is the purdy red flake...:D
  4. MattD

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    I just traded in my '11 48 for a '12 SG a few weeks ago, so I can tell you that I have personally gotten 100 miles out of the peanut tank in STOCK form. I was sweating bullets but managed.

    After I added a PC-V, slip-on's and a SE a/c it pulled hard but mileage was crippled. I was only ably to get about 75-80miles out of it.

    The power-to-wieght blows my stock SG away and the flickabilty and handling of the sporty was awesome...

    My buddy has the red metal flake 72 and its a nasty looking bike in the sun. That gets my vote...
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  5. bluefilhd

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    A buddy of mine has an 883 and he gets 120 MAX, like he better be pulling into the gas station at 121 miles. It's a fun bike but can be irritating for him on a long haul. If it was me, I'd find a way to get both!! But if I must choose, I'd go with the '72. More my style I guess. Have a blast and put up the pics when it's in the driveway.
  6. SilverFoXD

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    Might want to consider a tank swap. Harley sells the 4.5 gallon fuel tank for $649.95 (US), which would change the looks of the bike but give you longer range. Says the tanks fit '07-later Sportsters

    See the P & A catalog, pg. 742 in the Color Shop section. A Black Denim tank is listed, pn 62732-10BYM. The catalog predates the 72 Sportster release so the red flake isn't listed, but it would be worthwhile to ask.

    Good luck, and let us know what you decide.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Silver Fox has you 2004 Sportster XL1200R came stock with the tiny "classic" look peanut tank...and with only 2.1 gals to was a pain. Can be expensive, as you also have to change the seat as well but is well worth it!:small3d031:

    As you can see below, the 4.5 gal fuel tank (3.3 gal main, 1.2 gal reserve) I can now get about 130-150 miles before going to reserve (I have a carb). EFI equipped H-D motorcyles rely on a light or fuel guage or watch the odometer...! :small3d002:

  8. artisan

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    thanks for the replies guys,much appreciated :D
    if i can get 100 miles or there abouts on a tank i'm happy as my current ride only does a max of 120 miles to a tank of rice :bigsmiley24:
    the dealer has both the red flake & the satin black in stock but i think i see a red flake in my future all being well. i will give you guys an update tomorrow when i get back from the dealer & post some pics once my new bady arrives.
    cheers guys

    p.s. i just can't wait to get back on a Harley again,why oh why did i sell my last one,i'm already not sleeping very well in my excitement.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    I had a TRUE PEANUT Tank on my 95 sport. 85 miles most then find a service station or it was ON Reserve...

    I had a neat set of sip-on saddle bags and would carry a GOOD big mouth 1/2 gallon, heavy plastic fuel can, that fit Perfectly into the bag, leaving room for other things.:D

    I know they make fuel-tank that will fit into the saddle bags but now with a 6 gallon tank on my Main ride , 09 FLHR, I find No Need for one.

    Now on my 06 sport 1200 R. I look for fuel after 125 miles as it is a standard sportster tank of 3.4 ? or about. I get 48/50 per gallon so I can travel a good distance with out worry.

  10. artisan

    artisan Active Member

    thanks for the info BUBBIE,iys sounding pretty good as where i live gas stations are pretty close together & i never ride large distances anyway,one of my favourite rides is only 100 miles with at least 7 or 8 stations along the way.
    cant wait until tomorrow.