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Right now I'm running autolites in my fxrs. They are the only ones that seem to last in the thing. But to be honest it really wasn't running right last year.
Figured since this thread was titled plugs it was a good place to ask my question, here goes. I have an 08 Fat Bob with an SE high flow A/C, Rush slip ons (2" baffle), and a V&H Fuelpak. While putting on a set of headbolt covers, which requires you remove the plugs in order to properly hide the set screw, I saw where the plugs looked rather white. I believe this is the result of a lean A/F mixture. Any ideas/advise from you more seasoned wrenchs out there??
cool thank you. just an FYI too, i was able to take a look at an 08 dyna service manual today and under the plugs section there are four pictures of plugs three of which show symptoms of an improperly running motor. The picture of the one plug showing "balanced combustion" looks like mine did. Furthermore it states that a white, tan, or light brownish colored plug shows balanced combustion. That said, I feel much better about my bikes current running situation.