Some days things don't do right

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    (had to make some words acceptable on here but otherwise a true happening)
    I realize it's a strange and cut throat world and the buyer must look out for himself. But every now and again I run into something that just blows me all away again just like I had just got off the boat. Today I went in to the Lakeland Harley Shop (parts) to pick up something I had on call from yesterday. When he brought it out to me, he said the total would be $19.24. I said ok but I want you to check on how much another item is and showed him what I wanted.

    Well he said ok but started to ring up my will call item first and I had a gut feeling I should STOP him immediately, but then I thought to myself, no they can't be that ridiculous here, these are professional folks I've been buying from for a year now. So I let him have my credit card and charge the will call.

    Then he went to the back and brought out my other 3 items I had just asked about which came to $12.50. I said good and handed him my credit card again but this time I also handed him my in shop buyers card which they stamp every time I make a purchase for $20 or more. When you get 5 stamps you get a HD Tshirt. I have already gotten one Tshirt and I kinda like um.

    Well he looks at the punch card and says this purchase is only 12.50 ? I said hey Bud I just gave you 19.24 bout 1 minute ago. He said I can't do that. I said you've got to be kidding me, I almost stopped you from ringing up my will call, but I thought nobody could run their business that ridiculous.

    So he just stood there, the guy that had been there for as long as I can remember was standing bout 10 feet away so I told him, can't you override this crazyness ? He came over and said the boss gets real ticked if it ain't all on one purchase. I said well tell him I'm real ticked too, and next time I'm gonna drive up to Clermont HD, see how he likes that.

    So I paid my bill, got my items and left. Will I drive to Clermont next time (30mins) probably not, if it's not a need it right now I usually order from Zanottis. So I will probably go right back there. But I just don't understand that sort of activity. Seems if he knew this was the case he would have looked out for me the customer and NOT rung up the first sale, knowing I wanted to look at something else. Just blew me away.
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    It would have been to easy to credit the sale then recharge you the total so you got the free t-shirt.
    The fact that he closed the order before you were done buying tells me the boss must think his t-shirts are very precious. You are correct in taking your business else where and tell you many friends the story. They spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get a customer in their store and will loose one for $.75. What a business practice.

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    AND I ASK?

    Doesn't their T shirt have THEIR Name on it???

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    Right on!!! BUBBIE
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    Well you are smarter than me dbmg on that. As others have told me elsewhere that is what I should have done. But when I get upset I don't think to clearly, tend to go kinda tunnel vision. I told them in no uncertain terms just how I felt bout the whole situation. I got a few looks when I walked out of there from folks just adjacent that area, probably thought just some old redneck running his mouth bout somethin.

    Besides they might have charged me for restocking and the Tshirt ain't worth that to me. Course I wasn't smart enough to decipher all that standing there, that's hindsight.

    If any of you that go to Lakeland (Florida) Harley reads this, DON'T let them ring you up till you are sure bout everything you want. And if by chance anybody that works there is reading this, well you know what went down. I ain't trying to make nothun hard on nobody, just wanted what I had coming.

    In all fairness the folks that work there have always been good to work with and gave me many needed parts in the past. But they sure dropped the ball in my book on this one. I think I'm gonna go BUY a Clermont Harley Tshirt and wear it next time I go back to Lakeland Harley.
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    Well Dave I'm pretty much like you. I would tell them how I felt (and a few other things) and would never do business there again. What they did is very petty in my book!
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    Dave, I think that I would find another dealer unless it is a need it now item. And as for the t-shirt not to sure that I would want one now anyway.
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    I just go there for parts since it's nearer to where I live. Anyhow I decided to get smart like dbmg and some other guys told me. I sat down and wrote a verbatum email of what happened and sent it to just about every email at the dealership, but mainly the owner and manager. I won't bore you with the contents but will let you know if anything comes of it.
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    I don't understand why dealers even waste their time on those cards... It hardly seems worth the effort. My local dealer has one, but you only get stamped for full price purchases, over $25. And they exclude anything from the service dept. I got a new tire, and had it installed, but they wouldn't give me a stamp. I thought they'd at least give me one for the tire itself. :no

    The dealer in Omaha where I bought my first Harley in 2004 still gives me a 10% discount on any part, apparel, or service...
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    I agree with what dbmg said, and the action that you have taken. Let them see the folly in their pettiness. A friend of mine ( now deceased) called the HD dealer ship "The hundred dollar store". He wasn't too far off the mark in that assessment. They were wiling to tick you off for what? A tee shirt? Now you'll take your business elsewhere because of the way they treated you and they will lose a lot more in the long run than if they had just rerung the order. The way I see it they stepped over a dollar to pick up a penny!!