So what did you ride as a kid

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    What did you ride as a kid?. We all talk about or bikes, but where did it start?

    I had a few different vehicles as a kid. I had a Honda 250R trike, which was insane for the time, I also had a Honda Odyssey dune buggy which was a favorite among all the friends, everyone wanted to ride the Odyssey. I never rode the thing because everyone wanted to trade off. I also had a Honda XR200R which was bored out a bit and some extras. I then moved on to the street on my Moped and joined our little gang the Mopegans, that is what some of the moms called me and my friends when we all would show up on our Mopeds. LOL..Ahh the fun times..
  2. R. Lewis

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    Had a Rupp mini-bike with a 5 horse briggs & stratton eng.--all it had was a back break and a throttle with a seat I ended up duct-tapeing to the frame!!! got a"big-tire" bicycle at garage sale for a nickle. Had a Indian 70 for awhile.
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    After the basic Schwin and a few others... graduated to the 3 speed english bicycle. The next thing for awhile was the go cart... man that was a rush and had a blast with that for a time. After getting married my wife bought me as a Christmas present a 100-cc off road trail bike. My best friend's wife got him one also and that was by far the best up until that time. We would load up in the pick up truck on Saturday and would be gone all day... some times our wife's would go with us and we took turn riding. That lasted until one day while riding in a rock quarry we came across... go up the "step" and when I launched off the top there was nothing but a very deep hole and I nosed dived and broke a few bones... and took my first ride in an ambulance. Collar boned finally healed and started to walk again upright. Fast forward 20 years to 1996 bought my first Harley.... riding since. January 2007 my wife got her first bike and we are a riding couple again.... LIFE IS GOOD!
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    I had a bunch of toys. I rode a 74 arctic cat cheetah 440, a 1970's yamaha 250 dual purpose, A 1982 Aries k and a 79 mercury zephyr (use your 14 year old imagination and add 2 cars). I'm lucky I survived looking back at all that went wrong.:56::worthy
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    My first bike was a Kawasaki KZ400. Pretty good bike, and within my budget at the time!!

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    Close. It was on the Seawall at the LoneStar a few years ago. May even have been the first one. I was riding with my girl friend (now wife) and we just happened to see a guy taking pictures. He turned out to be a pro that shoots lots of rallys and then posts the picts on a website for folks to buy if they want. Kinda like the shot.

    My favorite day trip was up 290 to 36 and then down to the coast. Along the water and then up to Kimah for dinner. Then back home along 517 or one of the other East-West routes. If we had doddled too long at the Ice Houses along the way, we would turn North at Surfside and come up 332 to 288 and back to Missouri City. May be a long time before that can happen again. Real shame.

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    Mustang 2-speed bicycle homemade into a chopper using waterpipe fork extentions 12 stitches in my chin but it was fun. my mom made my dad disappear it after that . Funny she made him do that with my 61 triumph herald after she seen me drive it.:panic
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    At 16 I was girl crazy and motorcycle nuts. We all thought this guy across the street was so cool because he had a bike. He had a 250 Yamaha dirt bike. He'd pull wheels up and down the street. He was probably 30 at the time so he was neat. I get home from school after my 16th birthday and my dad bought that bike for me. I knew that guy was selling his bike but I never thought of actually buying it. I paid my dad back the 200 it cost. I'd practice going up and down the alley behind our house. I'd hit those sewer holes and go flying. The girls loved the wheelies but my back side didn't. I learned to respect the power between my legs. Bought my first Harley this year at 55, and love it.
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    I sure hope you don't ride on the bars any more:D
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    It all started with a Honda 90 step thru. Sold it and bought a Honda 125 scrambler. Moved up to a 305 Super Hawk, a couple of different Honda 350's, a BSA 650, Yamma 650, 850 and Vstar 1100 Classic. At 54, still being a child at heart I now have a 2000 RK.