Should We Be Concerned?

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    We’ve seen several comments and articles concerning states and municipalities cracking down on modified exhausts and motorcycle operations in general. While some of these are “false” alarms in terms of real actions/laws, it does raise some concern about a backlash towards motorcycles. It seems ABATE may be leading the cause to fight unreasonable laws. Do many of you support ABATE and are you concerned about a movement to rein in motorcycles?
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    I don't know much about ABATE but I think if motorcyclists aren't concerned about some of the changes to legislation regarding motorcycles, they should be.

    For example, one of the members recently posted information about a proposal in Ontario to limit age for passengers permitted on a motorycycle.

    When I see these kinds of changes being proposed by politicians for no other purpose than to make some kind of political hay, I get a little concerned.

    Unfortunately many of the noise reduction proposals are the result of stupidity on the part of some week-end warriors who think having the loudest Harley some how makes them cooler.

    Fortunately most of those guys are losing interest in the Harley already and have moved on to whatever the next "favorite yuppy toy of the week" is.

    I enjoy the rumble of nice sounding pipes as much as the next guy but there is a time and a place.

    If we don't start fighting back with regard to a lot of these changes, I have a feeling we will continue down the "slippery slope" until our motorcycles are regulated out of existence.:(
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    Here in Washington we have had noise laws similar to the ones being introduced in N.H. (as talked about in another thread) since 1975. It is not enforced much but it certainly gives LEO an excuse to stop you should he want to chat about the weather or whatever.
    I think the best to come out of the minds of our exaluted leaders was a bill introduced last year (not for the first time) to require SEAT BELTS on motorcycles. Got nowhere but gives a pretty good glimpse of the mindset these people have. SCARY!

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    Seatbelts and motorcycles...remember that one in the early 80's...Senator Danforth is still in office...reminds us that maybe the time for "life long" politicians should be put to task!!!
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    Sounds like maybe his days should, or could be numbered.......When you make that many enemies were do the police even begin to start looking for a suspect when someone like that goes missing:D :small3d019:
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    In addition to fighting back on the legislative front, we have to figure out a way to fight back simultaneously amongst ourselves towards the bad eggs who are bringing on this legislation. However, I just don't see this happening. Too many people ride motorcycles for the "cool" factor and not for the sheer joy of two wheel adventuring. To them, the loud pipes simply add to the coolness and get them noticed.

    It frustrates me to no end reading about these so called "noise regulations" that say nothing about car/truck exhausts or stereo systems, only loud motorcycles.
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    It isn't just the Harleys make noise. You also have those ricegrinders that some of those idiots run around in 2nd and 3rd gear pushing 10K rpms now that very very obnoxious . Yes I own one of them too a Hayabusa and I put louder than stock pipes on it too but I don't run around in low gears all the time when I ride it with Harley buddies they tell me they can hardly hear it unless I go flying pass them at 120+ in third gear.
    What the law enforcement has to do is crack down on the people who are being obnoxious about it and leave the rest of us alone.
    Loud Pipes Do Save Lives and I'm living proof that they do
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    What's happening with politics is Dynasty building, we don't see fresh blood lines getting elected, hence the monarchy gets stronger.

    Sadly, most are fools who don't know what's real.

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    When I vote I alway vote for the name that I don't hear of too much
    But of course that's how Obama got in office
    I won't go any further with the political (edit)
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    No political discussions/topics on the forum guys.